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Discover the Fascinating History of Fort Worth, TX Museums

Fort Worth was established in 1849 as a frontier outpost to protect settlers from Native American raids. In the years that followed, the city developed into a trading post, agricultural hub, and culture center. With a population surge brought on by the railroad and the oil industry, Fort Worth began to boom in the late 19th century, and many of its older museums reflect this vibrant history. To this day, they serve as a reminder of the city’s pioneering spirit. Learn more here.


Let’s start with the oldest museum in Fort Worth – the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame. Dating back to 1975, it’s one of the only museums in the world that specifically honors the accomplishments of women who have made their mark in the fields of western heritage, exploration, ranching, and more. Visitors can discover the stories of courageous women who shaped history, from Annie Oakley and Annie Dodge Wauneka to Thelma McComas and Mary Sharp Warner. Learn more about Indulge in the Unique Local Experiences of Fort Worth Events.

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The Amon Carter Museum of American Art is another must-visit museum in Fort Worth. Founded by Texas oil magnate Amon G. Carter, this museum showcases the work of American painters and sculptors from the 19th and 20th centuries, including Pop-Art pioneer Andy Warhol and renowned photographer Ansel Adams. The sprawling galleries also feature pottery, jewelry, and other artifacts related to the traditional cultures of the Southwest and Southwest Native Americans.

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