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A Top-Rated Mansfield, TX, Firearm Crimes Lawyer Fighting Gun Charges for Defendants

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

When an individual uses a firearm while committing a crime, it can elevate the seriousness of an underlying crime and form the basis of additional charges. If an individual is in such a situation, they'll need the services of a criminal defense attorney serving Mansfield and nearby cities like Fort Worth and Tarrant County in Texas. They should be knowledgeable in all aspects of criminal law to increase the defendant’s chances of winning their case. Moreover, the defense lawyers must have knowledge about firearms to dismiss the criminal case effectively.

Criminal defense attorneys from Sparks Law Firm will fight for any defendant in Texas facing firearms charges. They provide legal representation for criminal offenses and know all loopholes to approach a particular criminal case. Individuals should, therefore, contact defense lawyers from Sparks Law offices to schedule a free consultation to determine their legal options.

Texas Criminal Defense Attorney for Firearms

Texas Criminal Defense Attorney for Firearms

There are various gun criminal laws in Texas, which can be confusing and land a defendant in jail. If a person is facing firearm charges in Mansfield, TX, they need to hire a criminal defense attorney for firearms that have working knowledge in firearms and other related practice areas. Super lawyers serving Mansfield, Fort Worth, and Tarrant County, among other cities in Texas, handle a wide range of criminal cases. They include the following:

  • Assault firearms and other prohibited weapons

  • Federal firearms violations

  • Concealed weapons

  • Possessions of firearms by a felon

  • Interstate transportation of firearms

  • Possession of firearms in the commission of drug-related or domestic violence crime

  • Unlawful manufacturing, possession, modification, or sale of firearms

  • Unlicensed firearm use

Considering the complexity of criminal defense cases and the severity of consequences associated with these criminal charges, a defendant must hire a skilled criminal defense attorney specializing in firearm crimes under criminal law. Sparks Law Firm has an intimate knowledge of Texas criminal law, as well as search and seizure principles. It'll develop a strong defense that gets a particular case dismissed and attain a plea bargain to reduce the maximum sentence.

Individuals facing firearm criminal charges in Mansfield, Fort Worth, Tarrant County, and the larger Texas area should, therefore, seek legal counsel from a reputed Fort Worth firearm crimes attorney. A defendant should call an outstanding lawyer today at (817) 381-7846 for a free consultation to determine their next steps.

What's the Difference Between Civil and Criminal Charges?

Attorneys practicing criminal law in various cities like Mansfield or Fort Worth, Texas, defend an individual from state or federal crimes brought against them by the public prosecutor. The prosecutor will aggressively try to prove that the defendant is guilty beyond reasonable doubt of the crime he's been accused of - if found guilty of domestic violence with the commission of a firearm, the defendant faces lifelong imprisonment.

On the other hand, civil cases have to do with the negligence action of a defendant causing personal injury to the plaintiff. The plaintiff's attorney has to prove the four elements of negligence to win a case. If the defendant is found guilty, the plaintiff is given a monetary award for the damages incurred from the personal injury. Individuals arrested for possessing unlicensed firearms and facing criminal charges must seek services from defense attorneys at Sparks Law Firm. They'll help them secure a lower sentence or get acquitted altogether.

Criminal Conviction for Firearm Charges in Texas

Many states have developed a system of sentencing defendants. It’s a set of guidelines that are put in place to establish a consistent and rational sentencing practice without a particular court jurisdiction. More importantly, it helps a judge determine the kind of punishment befitting a particular crime. Whether in Mansfield or Fort Worth, TX, criminal charges are classified into various categories like a misdemeanor for the lowest level of criminal crimes and felony offenses for the highest level of offenses.

Defendants should schedule a free consultation with reputable attorneys at Sparks Law office to help them determine where their specific criminal charge falls into. When an individual gets arrested for a weapons charge, they should contact Sparks Law office at (817) 381-7846 to increase their chance of getting the allegations dismissed and protect their freedom and legal rights on trial.

Penalties for Weapon Charges in Mansfield TX

The punishment for firearm charges differs depending on the arrest's circumstance. In instances where the client had or discharged a firearm, the defendant may receive a harsher sentence. A suspect may also receive a severe sentence if they had a firearm during a violent crime. There are some weapon charges, if convicted in a trial, carry a minimum sentence of life imprisonment.

If the police find a defendant carrying a concealed weapon, they can end up in prison or pay thousands of dollars worth of fines if convicted. Experienced lawyers practicing criminal law in Mansfield, TX, can help estimate the maximum sentences a defendant can attain on trial. It's, therefore, wise for an individual to schedule a free consultation with such lawyers to determine their next steps.

Defending a Criminal Offense Against Firearms Crimes

Defending a Criminal Offense Against Firearms Crimes

It's a paralyzing experience for an individual knowing that they have a pending firearm charge that can result in possible jail time if found convicted. Usually, prosecutors in Mansfield, TX, will aggressively find evidence that will prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the defendant is guilty of the crime. Depending on an individual situation, they're viable defenses available to counter the story of government prosecutors.

A proficient lawyer serving Mansfield, Fort Worth, and the larger Texas area has an intimate knowledge of Texas criminal law and can develop a defense strategy to protect a defendant's legal rights and freedom. A lot is at stake not to partner with a criminal defense attorney specializing in weapon cases like assault commission with a firearm during domestic violence.

Some common issues that form the basis of a firearm defense include:

  • Actual intent to carry a firearm at issue

  • Whether the firearm was loaded at the time in question

  • If the weapon was functional

  • Actual knowledge about whether the firearm was in the defendant's possession during the police arrest

Other Mansfield Practice Areas

How Can Mansfield, TX, Criminal Defense Lawyers Help a Defendant's Case?

A criminal defense attorney practicing firearms criminal law can help their clients fight their weapon charges by presenting their case in the best way possible. A skilled attorney in Mansfield, TX, will find loopholes that can counter the version of the prosecutor's story.

Therefore, a person facing a weapon offense should seek legal counsel by scheduling a free consultation with an attorney from Sparks Law Firm. They should call them immediately to discuss their case and have ample time to prepare for trial.


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