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The North Richland Hills, TX Firearm Crimes Lawyer That Is Here to Help

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Gun crime can be difficult to navigate for people other than an experienced criminal defense attorney. This is because they understand the law and know how it will affect those caught on the wrong side of it. However, a criminal defense lawyer will know where to begin regarding the law and how to help the client with their criminal case.

That is why many people contact Sparks Law Firm because the entire team is experienced with this type of criminal offense.

Gun Laws

Gun Laws

In Texas, multiple gun laws discuss how guns should be used and possessed. Also, people can own their guns legally in Texas. Except, the laws cover the whole state, which means that if this happens in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, or another place in the state, the person will still be in trouble. However, it can begin to get confusing when it comes to gun possession because a criminal defense lawyer will explain to the client that if someone has a gun on them whether they own it or not, they are now in possession of a gun.

There is no age limit in Texas for possessing a gun. This means that anyone of any age can go to a place like a firing range and use a gun there, which would mean that they are now in possession of that gun.

Possession of Handguns

When it comes to handguns, a criminal defense attorney can explain that no one is allowed to carry their handgun beyond their property. However, people can apply for a license that will enable them to do so. Many people can get this license, but there are still some places where a handgun is never allowed whether the person has this license or not. These places are:

Texas Is a Carry State, So Who Can Get In Trouble?

Even though Texas is a carry state, there are still criminal laws that a firearm crime lawyer in Fort Worth is familiar with and people will need to follow when they own a firearm.

Possession by a Felon

A convicted felon is not allowed to have possession of any firearms. This state and federal criminal law prohibits convicted felons from having access to a gun for five years in Texas. They could be charged with a third-degree felony if caught in North Richland Hills.

Unlawful Transfer of a Firearm

A person may have broken the law if they have sold, rented, given, or loaned a firearm to someone else known:

  • The person is under 18 years old.

  • They are going to use it for any unlawful purpose.

  • The person is intoxicated.

  • They are a convicted felon.

  • The person has a protective order against them.

Unlawful Discharge of a Firearm

In Texas, people are not allowed to engage in the reckless discharge of a firearm within a city of 100,000 people or more. This could be classed as a third-degree felony if:

  • The person knowingly discharged their firearm in the direction of one or more people.

  • They purposely discharged their firearm in the direction of a building or vehicle.

  • The person pointed their firearm at a person, vehicle, or building, whether they knew if it was loaded or not.

What Happens When Someone Is Charged with a Firearms Charge?

A few things will happen when someone has been charged with a firearm crime. They should seek legal representation immediately and obtain a criminal defense lawyer in North Richland Hills that will help them throughout their case.

Formal charges will need to be laid out by the prosecutor, but the criminal defense attorney can explain all of this to the client. They will also take this time to find evidence to help support their client, so they can try and get them the best possible outcome in this situation in North Richland Hills. This is because they understand the criminal defense law, so they will do their best to try and convince the judge and the jury that their client does not deserve to have a harsh sentence.

Collateral Damage

Even though there is a punishment for criminal charges regarding a firearm, people forget that this will go on their criminal record, and it will make a massive difference in their life. Their criminal attorney will do their best to try and make sure their client does not receive a criminal conviction because then they may have difficulty with the following:

  • Finding a job.

  • Getting into college.

  • Receiving financial aid.

  • Obtaining a professional license.

  • A reduced amount of time to see their child.

  • Denial for a visa, permanent residency, or citizenship.

  • Inability to travel.

  • Loss of voting rights.

Why Sparks Law Firm Is Here to Help

Why Sparks Law Firm Is Here to Help

There are many law offices in North Richland Hills, but Sparks Law Firm is one law office many people can go to for help. Every criminal lawyer understands the law and criminal charges. They want to help those who need it because they know that this is a stressful time. The team will look at all avenues to try and get the best result.

This may mean that the client will receive a plea bargain, or they will need to have a hefty fine to pay to avoid jail time. Also, they understand how the assistant district attorney will go after people who are being charged with a firearm-related crime in North Richland Hills, TX. This is why they will go over all of the information in regards to the case because that is the best way to try and throw it out of court.

Additionally, these attorneys will not just be able to help with firearm charges, but they have an excellent understanding of other cases like:

  • Serious Bodily Harm Charge.

  • DWI Charge.

  • Aggravated Assault Charge.

  • Controlled Substance Charge.

  • Drug Possession Charge.

With this knowledge, the team will do their best to prove their clients innocence beyond a reasonable doubt.

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Regarding firearm charges, everyone must gather super lawyers around them to face this problem. The law can be challenging to navigate, which is why the team at Sparks Law Firm is here to help those who need it. A firearm charge could change a person's life for the worst, so it is better to have the right team to help get out of that situation.

Any questions should be asked as soon as possible so that people can receive their free consultation with a team member.


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