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Questions To Ask When Hiring a DWI Attorney

Hiring a DWI attorney is a significant step toward minimizing the consequences of your case. In this case, you should have someone with everything it takes to fight for your best interests. Before hiring a lawyer for your DWI case, the following are questions to ask. Learn more here.

Do You Have Specialty Training To Handle DWI Cases?

DWI cases are pretty complicated, so your attorney should be highly trained to understand the intricacies of the field. They should know the laws surrounding your case and how to apply them when fighting for your best interests. Learn more about Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a DWI Attorney.

How Many Cases Have You Handled?

When your future is at risk, you cannot afford to trust an amateur to handle your case. Your DWI attorney should have at least five years of experience handling different DWI cases. The more cases an attorney has worked on, the more likely they will be able to get you better results.

What is Your Communication Policy?

Communication is critical when it comes to your case’s success. While DWI lawyers are busy professionals, you want to hire someone who will be available whenever you need them most. A good lawyer will have a way you reach them to address your concerns and guide you through the process.

Hiring an experienced DWI attorney from Sparks Law Firm will do you a big favor if you have been charged with DWI. We are equipped with the resources and everything it takes to give you the best possible representation.


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