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Federal criminal defense attorneys in Fort Worth, TX. Call the Sparks Law Firm for a free consultation today.

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Federal crimes are acts which the United States government has deemed to be illegal, such as drug trafficking, money laundering, and tax evasion. The criminal act does not need to be committed in the US to be charged.

If you have been indicted for a federal crime in Texas, you will face an extensive judicial process which includes facing a U.S. attorney in many court proceedings, and your case will be reviewed by the federal grand jury.

The “burden of proof” lies with the federal government, which means they have to prove you are guilty. The government has likely already accumulated information about your case by the time a federal agent contacts you. By hiring a federal criminal defense attorney during the early pretrial stages, you will protect yourself from unnecessary confinement and bullying.

What To Do If You Receive A Federal Target Letter?

If you have received a letter from a federal agent indicating that you might be a suspect or witness to a violation of federal law, you need to call an attorney immediately. This is also known as a “target letter.” Even if you are just a witness, in most cases the government will not commit to excluding you from their “suspects list” until their investigation is complete. Whether you are a suspect or a witness, speak with an attorney before giving a statement. You may not be aware of all of your options otherwise.

1. Identify all legal issue

When a person intentionally or knowingly offers a benefit–including money–to a public servant in exchange for their violation of duty or their exercise of particular discretion. This type of violation is a second degree felony.

2. Plea negotiations

If a person threatens a public servant or voter in an attempt to get them to violate a legal duty or to vote a certain way. This is a class A misdemeanor (unless the coercion is a threat to commit a felony, which makes it a third-degree felony).

Improper Influence: Improper influence occurs when a person privately communicates with a judge or person conducting an administrative hearing with the intent to influence the outcome of the hearing. Punishment is a class A misdemeanor.

3. Reduce punishment

When a person offers or agrees to pay a benefit for a witness to testify falsely, fails to appear in court, or drops charges against another. It is generally a third-degree felony, but if the tampering occurs in the prosecution of a criminal case, the crime is at the same level as the crime being prosecuted.

Justin was my lawyer for a case I had with Tarrant County. He was very responsive, professional, and helped us sooo much! I ended up having everything dismissed. Definitely highly recommend!

- Payton R.

I cannot say enough good things about this law firm! They took care of me and immediately started working my case. They knew exactly what to do as soon as I told them my story.

- Alana B.


If you have been contacted by a federal agent or have been served a target letter or indicted in federal court, contact the Sparks Law Firm. Justin Sparks has over ten years experience in federal defense and can help you protect your rights. Call (817) 334-0300, consultations are free and confidential.

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