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Justin Sparks on 2016 Texas Open Carry Law

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Texas Open Carry Law Effective January 1st, 2016

December 27, 2015- Justin Sparks spoke with Jason Whitley and Bud Kennedy on studio WFAA’s Inside Texas Politics on the 2nd amendment, open carry in Texas, and concealed carry licensing. Justin is joined by Donald Jackson and both legal experts share their thoughts on the direction of Texas gun control, prompted by the legal implications of the 2016 Texas Open Carry Law.

Mr. Sparks also weighs in on the conversation in this article by the Dallas News, which touches more on gun ownership statistics in Texas and Open Carry details. The article offers a few professional opinions on the law and what we should expect from it, Mr. Sparks’ himself discussing how open carry is viewed differently by members of the public.

Someone openly carrying may believe the gun sends the message that he’s a “community caretaker,” said Justin Sparks, a criminal defense attorney who represents Dallas-Fort Worth gun owners for Force Law Shield. But, he added, others may see the weapon as a sign that “the person’s crazy for open carrying when they have the option to conceal.”

More on current Texas firearm laws and repercussions on the Sparks Law Firm firearms page.


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