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What to Do After DUI Probation Is Over - Full Guide

Many people wonder what they can do once their probation period is over. Generally speaking, they might be able to drive again, ingest alcohol in moderation, and so on. Nonetheless, they have to abide by the court's rules first, and that is what this guide focuses on.

What Is a DWI Conviction?

What Is a DWI Conviction?

Many people might confuse DWI law with DUIs, but they're not the same. Essentially, DWI means 'driving while intoxicated,' and this offense is charged to people who are over the age of 21 in the state of Teas and are operating motor vehicles while having alcohol or drugs in their blood.

Getting a conviction means the person might have to comply with a jail sentence, get a DWI lawyer, and engage in community service. At the same time, this offense goes into their criminal record, and the person also has to pay court costs and, on some occasions, go through a probation period.

What Is DWI Probation?

Sometimes, the judge might decide to 'suspend' the person's jail time, especially if they don't have any other offenses, if they've never broken criminal law, have complied with their community service hours, and overall displayed adequate conduct. When someone is granted DWI probation, it means that they must follow strict sentencing guidelines in order to stay out of jail.

What Do People Have to Do When They're on Probation?

A DWI probation involves several different guidelines that the person must follow if they want to avoid jail time. Here are some examples of this:

Pay Fees

The person must pay fees when they are on probation. Some range between $300 and $500, whereas others might be monthly payments, and they can be less expensive. It all depends on the individual's specific case.


When someone is on DWI probation, they must report to their probation officer. This professional makes sure that they are complying with the rules, hence guaranteeing that there is no probation violation.

Attend Meetings

Being on DWI probation also means that the person must attend different meetings. Asides from community supervision, the individual has to take several classes that authorities assign. Generally speaking, they have around six months to complete all lessons.

In the state of Texas, meetings and lessons often include completing a Victim Impact Panel as well as a DWI Education Program.

Get Tested

All people with a DWI charge must go through alcohol and drug testing from time to time. Officers will look for residual mouth alcohol and other substances, which they can identify with random drug testing methods.

If the person wants to get out of probation early, they should hire a criminal defense lawyer and make sure that they abide by the rules of their sentence. Legal representation is essential, but so is complying with the guidelines.

What Happens with a Probation Violation?

Probation violations often mean that the person might face different consequences depending on what they did. Hiring an experienced attorney with a background in helping people facing federal criminal charges is imperative if the person violates their probation.

Violating the terms of the probation might mean that the person gets extra time, another breath test to determine if they're under the influence or not, and even worse outcomes. The prosecutor will try to go for the ultimate punishment - to get the judge to revoke probation. If not, they might at least try to guarantee license suspension or revocation.

Getting the right lawyer to passionately defend a client's DWI defense is crucial at all times, but if they break the probation conditions, then hiring expert help is even more important. Sparks Law Firm offers a free consultation for people who want to get to know its fantastic professionals.

Can People Ask Their Probation Officer for Help?

One of the most frequently asked questions during a person's free consultation with their lawyer is whether or not the officer can help them meet their probation terms. The answer is yes - they can.

However, people should not misinterpret this. If the person wants to avoid incarceration and they are fulfilling all probation requirements, they might ask for help from the officer to make sure they don't miss the required meetings.

Eventually, the officer might give testimony of the individual, and they can say that they successfully completed their probation time.

How Can People Avoid Interlock Violations?

How Can People Avoid Interlock Violations?

Avoiding interlock violations is an essential way to make sure that they control the circumstances of their time out of jail. When someone is on probation, authorities might place an ignition interlock device on their vehicle. This machine requires the individual to blow on it before turning the ignition on. If it detects alcohol in their breath it does not allow them to use their car.

Nonetheless, certain circumstances might affect the ignition device. Since breath testing machines are susceptible to false positives, individuals should blow only 15 minutes after a dirty blow. In other words, the first time the individual blows, the machine might detect a high amount of alcohol in their body, even if they only had a teaspoon. This first blow is known as 'dirty.' Thus, the person should wait 15 minutes, and then blow again.

Clients Should Get Expert Help

Once the person is out of probation, they might be able to get their driving license back, and eventually, they can engage in most of their daily activities. However, they should get expert help before that because they need to abide by the rules that authorities set.

If a client wants to avoid a criminal conviction and wants experts who have helped others face criminal charges, a criminal defense attorney is an ideal expert to hire. With Sparks Law Firm, people in Fort Worth, Texas, can get professionals to guide them through the process. They also help with other DWI-related concerns, such as what happens if you get a DUI in different state. If you get a DUI while in the military, it would be ideal to get legal assistance as well.

Any person who wants a free case evaluation should contact Sparks Law Firm. This outstanding law firm has various expert Tarrant County DWI attorneys available, who make sure that the attorney-client relationship is enjoyable and allows people to feel confident during their process.


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