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Can I Go to Mexico If I Have a DUI? Get a Free Consultation with Expert Attorneys

It is not easy for a person found guilty of driving under the influence (DUI) to know where they are allowed to travel. Drivers with such records can travel anywhere in their own countries, but crossing a border is another thing.

Traveling to Mexico with a DUI is possible. However, an individual can be denied entry into the country based on their background or criminal record.

Drivers in Mexico have different DUI laws than those in the United States. It is easier to enter the United States with a record from Mexico than to enter Mexico from the U.S.

An individual with a record of drunk driving within the past 10 years will probably not be allowed to drive across the border into Mexico.

The decision is not set in stone, and the offender can find a lawyer to help them review their situation. Sparks Law Firm has experienced DUI attorneys and offers a free case review. Contact us at (817) 381-7846 or visit any of our offices in Texas.

What Is the Impact of a DUI?

What Is the Impact of a DUI?

A DUI refers to operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. These substances impair the ability of the driver to think clearly on the road. They also reduce their ability to respond quickly to situations that may lead to accidents.

An example is how intoxicated drivers react when they spot an animal on the road. They usually don’t slow down or stop as they should. DUIs make driving unsafe for both drunk drivers and other road users.

DUI Statistics in the United States

Alcohol usage accounts for about one-fourth of traffic-related fatalities in the United States. Additionally, incidents involving drunk drivers can result in severe injuries to people, with significant damage to personal items or vehicles.

Driving while intoxicated is prohibited and has long-term effects, even if there is no immediate harm.

Getting convicted of a DUI can affect a person’s ability to travel to places such as Mexico.

How to Enter Mexico with a DUI

Unfortunately, entering Mexico is more challenging with a DUI conviction than entering the United States.

The rules in Mexico often refuse entry to people who have broken domestic laws in their native countries. This includes DUI laws.

Individuals can't legally enter Mexico with DUI convictions. Agents at the border review the record of anyone entering Mexico as far back as 10 years. Any DUIs that show up within this time frame count against them.

Traveling with DUI Convictions

Visiting new places can be a challenge with a DUI conviction. It can be an obstacle for those who have to travel for work, attend a friend's wedding, or just take a trip somewhere beautiful.

Reviewing the travel-related laws of a destination country before making plans can be beneficial. It helps people to identify hindrances and take the appropriate steps before it is too late.

The best thing is for them to seek legal counsel from a seasoned defense lawyer on the matter. Sparks Law Firm has the right lawyers to help anyone facing such problems.

Contact us or visit us to get a free case review.

How Can a Criminal Defense Attorney Help with a DUI?

A person facing DUI charges should contact the best DWI law firm in Fort Worth TX as soon as possible.

The attorney can explain every facet of a case to the offender. They are also familiar with the unique laws that apply to the offense and how they can properly use them to defend their clients. This helps in reducing present repercussions and preventing future implications.

DUI attorneys examine what took place and rapidly form a solid defense for culprits arrested for drunk driving. They can help ensure that mistakes by offenders don't end up ruining their lives more than they already have. These attorneys can also answer any questions regarding a DUI, such as what happens if a nurse gets a DUI and what is DUI by consent.

A good lawyer can secure a not guilty ruling in court or get charges reduced or removed. These are the best possible outcomes for a DUI incident.

Contact Sparks Law Firm Today to Learn More

Sparks Law Firm is committed to protecting the rights of people to freely travel between different countries. Clients can count on our experienced attorneys to handle their current DUI charges. We also help them secure an expungement or nondisclosure order.

Call us at (817) 381-7846 to talk to an expert DUI attorney for free.


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