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Does a DUI Affect Your Credit Score?

As if prison sentences, public embarrassment, loss of employment, and paying thousands of dollars are not harsh enough punishments, don’t forget about the car impound fees, court costs, bail, higher insurance premiums, and expenses for alcohol education classes.

While there is no law in Texas that states a DUI will go onto one’s credit report upon conviction, if a person adds up all of the costs for a typical DUI, they may easily find themselves in a world where credit troubles are now a reality, especially if they already have a shaky financial situation. Usually, individuals will pay most of these expenses by credit card, an amount between $10,000 to $17,000 to be exact.

Below are certain financial charges that are related to DUI convictions that may very well affect a person’s credit score:

Credit Utilization Ratio

Part of a person’s credit score is determined by how much of their available credit they are using. Once an individual has crossed 30%, it sends a very bad signal to major credit bureaus.

Credit utilization ratios can be calculated by adding up all of one’s available balances on their card and then dividing this amount by the outstanding amounts in all their credit accounts.

Collections Actions

If a person does not pay their fines, or if they are unable to pay their fines, they get sent to a debt collection agency. Having just a single collection action on one’s credit report can significantly damage their credit score.

Some banks will not give an individual a mortgage for even something as small as a minor collection action, ranging from as little as $50 to $100. Therefore, it is possible that, in addition to having one’s credit score ruined, a DUI can also cause an individual to miss out on their chances of buying a new home.

What Are the Consequences of a Bad Credit Score in Texas?

What Are the Consequences of a Bad Credit Score in Texas?

While some of these consequences will reach a little farther than others, they can definitely reach anyone. These are:

  • If an individual is getting divorced, their credit scores can be used as leverage when dividing assets between partners.

  • An individual may not be able to rent an apartment.

  • Employers can legally choose to not hire a person with a DUI conviction for a job.

  • If property insurers find out about an individual’s DUI, they may raise their rates.

  • An individual may need to put up a type of deposit in order to get utilities.

  • Those who need a professional license in order to do work may have it denied, suspended, or revoked by the government.

  • A person with a DUI may find that they are not able to receive a mortgage or that they have to pay higher interest rates.

  • Individuals who need access to a home equity loan for capital to start a business or own a franchise may not be able to attain either of them if they have a DUI conviction.

Therefore, for so many reasons, it should be in nobody’s best interest to get a DUI in Texas. Anyone who is planning to drink a lot should do themselves and everyone else a favor by taking safe and responsible actions. Rather than driving drunk, it is just as easy to call a cab or drive home with a designated driver.

Who to Call for Representation for a DUI

Anyone who is in need of DWI attorneys in Fort Worth Texas to represent them for their DUI can contact an experienced lawyer at Sparks Law Firm. While not driving drunk altogether is the best way to avoid the consequences of a DUI, if it is too late, then an individual will need someone by their side who is ready to fight for their rights. Or, if you are just looking for answers to questions like how many times the average person drives drunk before getting a DUI or which state has the toughest DUI laws, check out their blog.

The professional legal team at Sparks Law Firm knows how just one night of partying can destroy a person’s life forever, and they want to help them avoid the harsh consequences of a DUI. It is their goal to fight aggressively to protect their clients and receive the best possible outcome for them.

Potential clients can contact this law office today at (817) 381-7846 – to schedule a free consultation, or they can choose to use this law firm’s online contact form to get started. Either way, an individual facing a DUI should hire a Sparks Law Firm lawyer as soon as they possibly can.


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