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Justin Sparks Featured on WFAA News to Discuss Gun Control

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Fort Worth, TX-June, 2016– Justin Sparks appeared on ABC Channel 8 WFAA to discuss recent issues regarding firearms.  Ron Corning and Justin discussed the denial by SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) to review the Connecticut State Law banning “assault rifles”, the Orlando mass shooting, and the potential for federal legislation on “gun control.” A brief on the state of the issues and the actions of the supreme court here..

Connecticut passed a state law essentially banning assault rifles in response to the Sandy Hook elementary shooting.  The law was challenged in Federal Court and ultimately upheld by the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, New York.  The attorney sought further review by SCOTUS.  SCOTUS chose to not hear the case.

Why? For a case to be heard by SCOTUS, at least four Justices must vote in favor of hearing the case.  Currently, we have four “liberal” justices and four “conservative justices.  The ninth justice still awaits confirmation in the Senate.  The assumption is the four “liberal” justices did not want to hear it because the are in favor of the ban and the four “conservative” justices did not want to hear it because they do not want a ruling from the Supreme Court upholding the law.  Also, neither side wants to act due to the question mark of the ninth justice.  Depending on who the ninth justice is, either side will gain a majority.

Result of the actions by SCOTUS? First, we will see liberal states begin to pass more gun control legislation.  Second, our United States legislators will consider bills concerning gun control.  In the conversation on WFAA, Corning pointed out that we have already begun seeing the results mentioned above, especially in the wake of the Orlando shooting. Keep an eye out for more on this from Justin Sparks as the issue continues to be one of critical interest.


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