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How Long Does a DUI Stay on Your Background Check?

No one wants felonies or misdemeanor convictions and charges to appear on their criminal record since those things make getting into universities, buying houses, or receiving bank loans more difficult than what they would be without a flawed criminal record.

Unfortunately, it's not easy to get a DWI conviction or any other misdemeanor from one's criminal record.

The problem with that is that teenagers often commit misdemeanors that can affect their criminal record for life, which makes things more difficult for them after committing a single mistake. DUIs are the perfect example of this since they don't follow the seven-year rule, so they stay in one's record in Texas if no one takes legal action to address the issue.

Teenagers can't get a DWI arrest on their criminal background check, but DUIs are bad enough for them, and some of them could even end up with the state removing their driver's license or permit.

How long does a DUI stay on your record in Texas? Can it be forever? People interested in the matter can find the answer here. Regardless of what happens, finding legal assistance from a criminal defense lawyer is excellent when someone gets a DWI conviction or DUI charges.

Anyone in search of a free consultation of their case can call the Sparks Law Firm. This law firm works in Fort Worth, Texas.

Do DUIs Go Off from Someone's Criminal Record?

Do DUIs Go Off from Someone's Criminal Record?

DUIs can't go off a person's criminal records if they don't take any legal action to address the matter. Most dismissed misdemeanor charges are eliminated from people's criminal records in Texas after seven years, but this doesn't apply to a DWI conviction or DUI charges.

However, since DUIs are only filed for minors, those minors can hire a Texas DWI lawyer to help them seal or expunge the case. Thus, most people do what they can to get a free consultation of their case with a Texas DWI lawyer who can get those charges out of their criminal records.

Some things can help people get their DWI expunged or DUI charges sealed if it's their first conviction and they don't have any deferred adjudication in their record. Nonetheless, not all DUI charges can be dismissed or sealed after a time, so it's best to consult everything with a DWI lawyer before trying anything.

DUIs are a Class C misdemeanor in Texas, so people don't get jail time for them. However, they can severely affect one's insurance rates and even make the state revoke the person's driver's license.

Other states have similar laws regarding getting a DUI and DWI conviction, but things change a little in many. Some, for example, have different conceptions of what a DWI charge or a DUI conviction represents, and others don't allow people to ever seal nor expunge the case.

What's the Difference Between a DWI Conviction and DUI Criminal Convictions?

Although many people often confuse both terms, DWIs are not the same as DUIs. In essence, DWIs are way worse than DUIs, but the latter can still cause a lot of problems to the one that has them in their criminal record. DUI stands for "Driving Under Influence," and DWI for "Driving While Intoxicated."

This changes depending on the state where people getting a DUI are, but only people under 21 can have them in Texas, and adults driving while intoxicated or under the influence of any substance get a DWI instead. As it was mentioned before, getting a DWI arrest is worse than getting a DUI charge, and it's more difficult to seal them or expunge them from one's record in Texas.

DWI and DUI charges represent different things in other states. Some, for example, only give DWI convictions when the driver was under the influence of alcohol, while DUIs include alcohol and drugs.

Regardless of whether it is a DUI or a DWI conviction, no one can take a conviction or criminal offense off their record in Texas. They can seal or expunge criminal charges, but DWI convictions are always going to stay there.

The thought of the seven-year rule applying to a criminal conviction is merely a misconception. Misdemeanor charges can disappear after seven years, but not all of them do. People can seal or expunge them, but only if they are not convictions. Therefore, it's best for people to avoid getting one.

Hiring Fort Worth TX DWI attorneys can help people avoid those convictions and understand court-imposed fees for the case. Legal fees may seem expensive when someone first thinks of them, but they are an investment that prevents drivers from getting a conviction that is going to stay with them for life.

How Can a DWI Defense Lawyer Help People with DUI or DWI Cases?

The first thing lawyers can do to prevent someone from getting DUI charges on their record forever is to do their best to keep their clients to get a conviction. Dismissed charges can be sealed or expunged, but there's nothing to do once drivers get a direct conviction.

Some cases allow drivers to get rid of arrest records, but it's not that common to see that happening in Texas. This state offers minors many ways to avoid permanent or final convictions, but it only works if the person facing those charges hires the best lawyer they can find.

If the person didn't get a conviction or wants to get rid of their arrest record, their lawyer is the only one who can help them seal or expunge the case. When someone seals a case, that case is not available for the public, but legal entities can check it any time they want to.

As for expungements, they are more effective than sealing one's records but are also more difficult to get. When someone expunges their case, no one can neither see them nor check them. Therefore, it's as if they never happened, which is ideal with anyone with misdemeanors or felony charges.

No one can go through expungement or sealing cases by themselves, so they need a lawyer to represent them and tell them everything they need to do to expunge or seal their case. Nonetheless, not everyone can do this, and not all criminal charges qualify for an expungement.

How long can a DUI case stay open? It's easier to expunge or seal a case if the person trying to do it doesn't have any deferred adjudication from another client on their record. The Sparks Law Firm makes sure their clients get the justice they deserve and a settlement that is beneficial for them, so anyone can call them if they need a free consultation of their case.

Consequences of Getting DUI Charges

Consequences of Getting DUI Charges

DUI charges and convictions have short and long-term consequences. Short-term ones include license suspensions, paying for several fines due to committing a class C misdemeanor, and a significant rise in insurance rates.

Some courts require drivers with DUI charges to do community service and go to drunk education programs. It's possible to get jail time for this issue in other states, but it doesn't happen in Texas. However, those are not the only consequences of facing DUI charges.

Although many people don't know about the long-term consequences DUI charges can bring them, they are highly problematic for anyone going through them. While license suspension is something one can overcome after a time, the state can revoke the driver's license depending on the severity of the incident.

Background checks are something common when applying for a job, university, or bank loan. Those entities are less likely to trust a driver with DUI charges or convictions, which makes that driver's life more difficult in the long run. Many scholarship programs don't accept people with DUI convictions.

Insurance rates can rise a little when someone first gets DUI charges, but those rates can double or triple if that person doesn't seal or expunge their charges from their criminal history.

Wrapping Up

Getting a DWI charge is something more common than many people think. It shouldn't be, and people must do their best to keep themselves from driving under the influence of any psychotropic substance that could cause an accident or any legal problems.

Traffic laws and misdemeanors come after things that are proven to be dangerous for other drivers, so not following them puts the driver getting the DWI charge and other drivers in danger. Drivers getting DUI or DWI charges could even get a license suspension and a permanent stain on their criminal history.

However, people can make mistakes, and that emphasizes when talking about young drivers. Most teenagers don't understand how severe it is to get a traffic offense on their court record, so they drive under the influence of substances as if nothing happened. Therefore, it's important everyone knows who to call in case an accident happens or if they get DUI charges.

One of the best options in Fort Worth, TX, is the Sparks Law Firm. The lawyers in this law firm are experts on DWI and DUI cases, so they know everything they need to do to seal or expunge their clients' criminal charges. This firm also offers its clients a free consultation of their case.


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