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Can You Travel Internationally With a DUI?

A DUI can affect people's lives in many ways, but we rarely consider how it might affect our ability to travel internationally. A DUI conviction on a criminal record can negatively affect travel plans worldwide. The attitude towards DUI convictions and the attendant travel limitations differ from state to state. Driving after drinking is undoubtedly unsafe in every country. But some countries do not even allow people with a DUI to cross their borders.

People charged with a DUI should be careful before traveling internationally and check beforehand if the country they are traveling to allows entry of individuals with a DUI at hand.

Here is everything that a person with a DUI charge should know before traveling internationally.

Which Places Allow People With a DUI To Enter Their State?

Which Places Allow People With a DUI To Enter Their State?

United States of America

An offense involving moral turpitude is a ground for inadmissibility to the U.S. and can lead to removal from the United States. People with a single DUI conviction won't be denied entry to the U.S. Their DUI travel regulations are more strict than those of many other countries, so if the DUI is combined with additional crimes or if there are several charges, that person would be denied entry to the U.S. whether they took a breathalyzer or not.

When an H1-B visa holder with such a record is interrogated at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate abroad, they may discover they will probably receive a stamp on their H1-B.

Countries of the European Union

The European Union (E.U.) has a single uniform policy that makes it simpler to anticipate what will happen when traveling to any of its individual member states in Europe.

DUIs are not considered "prohibited offenses" in the European Union. This implies that people with a DUI record are permitted to visit any E.U. member country and can move freely within the E.U.

Asian Countries

Travel to Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, or Borneo is not prohibited for people with a DUI conviction on their record.

In Central Asia, a DUI conviction is not listed as a condition that would prevent access to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, or any Middle Eastern, North African, or Sub-Saharan African nations. However, if questioned, information is required regarding international travel and DUI convictions, whether it be one or two DUI convictions.

Countries that Do Not Allow People with a DUI To Enter


DUI offenders are treated harshly in Mexico. Foreigners convicted of drunk driving within the last ten years face immigration restrictions into Mexico. Since felons are not allowed to enter, the country's immigration laws see a DUI as an indictable offense.

However, Mexican border guards have occasionally been known to let visitors walk through with a little inspection, so even while people with a DUI may always take the chance, they might be denied entry.

Japan, China, and Malaysia

These countries carry out thorough background checks, so lying about prior infractions or criminal history is actually worse than disclosing it. Contact the consulate requesting a free travel waiver for a fair chance for entry to Japan, China, and Malaysia.

According to its rules, Japan can prevent people with certain convictions from entering the nation for travel, employment, or academic purposes. If a DUI conviction resulted in a sentence of more than one year in jail, that person wouldn't be allowed to enter Japan.


One of the most challenging countries for Americans with a DUI to visit is Canada. In Canada, driving while intoxicated is a felony, and those who have had a DUI are prohibited from entering the nation for at least five years.

After the five years are up, if the criminal record is otherwise clean, they can enter Canada by paying a $200 fine or applying for criminal rehabilitation. They might also just wait till ten years have passed after the conviction to be considered "rehabilitated by time.

UAE and Iran

Since the Emirates strictly follow Islamic law, which considers drinking a sin, they have a firm policy toward DUIs. Although there are no particular regulations that forbid tourists with a DUI from entering Iran or UAE, alcohol-related convictions are discouraged and may make the entrance more challenging. Entry to these countries will depend on how strict the immigration officer is.

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