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Justin Sparks on Gun Rights after Texas Shooting

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Nov 8, 2017- Justin Sparks discussed the implications of the shooting in Sutherland Spring, Texas with a handful of news media outlets. In his comments with HLN, CW33 and KID Radio, Sparks addresses current gun licensing restrictions and the effects that tighter gun legislation may have on law abiding citizens.

In his conversation with the CW33, Sparks dials in on Kelley’s case and how an unreported record may have allowed him undue access to firearms. How might this and the result affect the future of gun purchasing? Sparks has a few predictions…

“If there’s an official diagnoses, there (will be) a requirement to report it to the government. And that is probably going to fall under a HIPAA arm to where it`s not going to be disclosed; however, it can prohibit you to own or possess a firearm.”

Sparks outlines a few more of the facts, the nuances, and the future possibilities around what is likely to continue as a hot topic in Texas legal conversations.

A thank you to HLN and CNN for having Justin Sparks on as a guest to discuss the Texas shooting and the potential legal scenarios we will see as a result. For more information on the current laws for when someone can carry in Texas, check out Sparks’ comments on KID Radio, where he walks through some of the most up-to-date carry basics.


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