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How Much Does it Cost to Get Your License Reinstated After a DUI?

Once someone gets a DWI or a DUI, they might wonder how much they have to pay to get their license back. This guide offers the essential information that drivers must keep in mind.

Offenses that Require a Driver's License Reinstatement

Offenses that Require a Driver's License Reinstatement

When a client's driver's license is suspended in the state of Texas following a driving while intoxicated charge, they can reinstate it once the revocation period is over.

Even though they might have to pay a reinstatement fee, clients usually want nothing more than to be able to drive again. Nonetheless, handling a license revocation is not an easy job, and people must consider several things when they start this process.

State of Texas Law

In the state of Texas, numerous offenses can end in license revocation. If someone gets a revoked license, it might be due to one of the following reasons:

  • Driving While Intoxicated: people convicted of being drunk or drugged while driving

  • Administrative License Suspension: individuals who refuse to comply with chemical or breath testing while they're driving

  • Intoxication Assault: people who cause serious bodily injuries to someone else while being under the influence of drugs and alcohol when they're driving

  • Intoxication Manslaughter: causing the death of someone else due to being under the influence when they drive

  • Driving with a Suspended License: the person might get a longer suspension if they drive with a suspended license

  • DWI with a Child in the Car: authorities might suspend someone's license if they are driving under the influence while a child is in the vehicle

Suspension Periods

In the case of individuals whose license is suspended, the time periods for which they lose the possibility to drive might vary. The following are some of the different situations that can occur:

  • 90 days to a year for a first DWI

  • 90 days for a year plus another year for a subsequent intoxication assault that occurs within the five years of a previous DWI

  • One - two years for an intoxication offense that occurred in the five years of previous DWIs

  • 180 days - two years for a subsequent DWI offense and a first intoxication manslaughter

  • 180 days - two years plus two more years for subsequent intoxication manslaughter in a 10-year timeframe

  • One year for a DWI committed by someone under the age of 21

How People Can Reinstate Their Driver's License

To reinstate their driver's license, people must pay a reinstatement fee and communicate with the auto insurance company to handle the license premiums.

Texas Law

Under Texas law, driver's license suspension is a grave matter, which is why it always requires clients to get professional help. Requirements and license reinstatement fees vary depending on the person's case, and a lawyer can guide them through this process.

On some occasions, individuals might also have to attend an alcohol education program if they want their driver's license back.

How to Find Out the Compliance Requirements

People can find out the compliance requirements and get their driver's license reinstated. To accelerate the process, they have to use the Online Driver License Eligibility System, which they can access with their license or ID card.

A Driver's License is a Privilege

Having a Texas driver's license is not a joke since it provides people with driving privileges, and requires them to show financial responsibility. Therefore, the person should do all they can to find out the requirements and additional fees they might have to pay for their wrongdoings.

License Reinstatement Fee that People Must Pay in Texas

The specific license reinstatement fees that the person must pay in the state of Texas depend on what the jury orders. On some occasions, the individual must pay for a DUI program, traffic tickets, administrative suspension, and of course, attorney fees.

At the same time, license reinstatement fees can change depending on the person's driving record and previous traffic offenses. Sometimes the Texas Department of Public Safety might order the driver additional penalties, such as doing community service or jail time.

However, paying for the license reinstatement fees is not particularly challenging. The person should get a financial responsibility insurance certificate from their car insurance company, and then they can get started with this.

Some Choose to Get an Occupational License

In some cases, individuals choose to get an occupational license, which is completely different from having a hardship license.

Regardless of the client's specific situation, many individuals need to drive back and forth from school, they need to take their children to specific places, or use their car to go to work.

If they can maintain proof of this and show that their driving skills are appropriate, they might be able to get an occupational license. This new license allows people to drive for specific activities.

People Should Try to Avoid License Suspension

When someone gets a free consultation with a lawyer, the first thing they might address is the reinstatement requirement and how they can provide proof of everything they need to avoid a license suspension.

License Reinstatement Fees

License reinstatement fees requirements are often similar, even if the person has too many traffic tickets. Moreover, fees apply as well as other fines, but it depends on the court order.

If the court ordered something specific because the driver is accused of defensive driving, then they might have to pay specific fees as well.

Overall, the process might require various payments, which is why getting legal help is the best way to approach it. Sparks Law Firm is ready to help its clients, and it provides individuals with a free consultation to assess the case first.

How Much Does it Cost to Get Your License Reinstated Following a DUI?

How Much Does it Cost to Get Your License Reinstated Following a DUI?

Civil penalty and the law of Texas describe certain rules for people's license reinstatement fees. However, these vary depending on the case, so the person must contact the best DWI attorney in Fort Worth and request assistance if they want to know what they should do.

Clients Should Work with an Attorney

When someone has to pay the reinstatement fee and face court, fines, and other penalties, drivers should always find the best help possible.

Work with a Qualified Expert

Just because someone has a DWI or a DUI doesn't mean they can't get their privileges back or even get a new license. However, working with a lawyer is essential to achieve this, and the ones at Sparks Law Firm are prepared to help clients. Also, if you need help with how to get off probation early for DUI, you will be needing a really good lawyer.

If you are planning to leave the country, however, it would be best to learn what countries can you not enter with a DUI record.


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