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Can I Take the NCLEX If I Have a DUI? Get Advice from Expert DUI Lawyers in Texas

Potential nursing school applicants do not have to be disqualified from nursing programs because of faults made in their younger years. Students should check with the institution to see if a DUI affects admission before determining whether it would affect their prospects of getting into nursing school.

How a DUI Affects Taking the NCLEX Exam

How a DUI Affects Taking the NCLEX Exam

A DUI can prevent someone from taking the NCLEX Exam. Legal convictions and board disciplinary actions are common topics during applications. Even a first-offense DUI may prevent them from taking the test.

Several states demand that applicants submit a certified copy of the final court records with a narrative of the offense. The court papers must be directly delivered in a sealed envelope. Any choice regarding taking the NCLEX Exam must first be approved by the State Board of Nursing.

A DUI is a serious offense that might deter applicants from nursing programs and job opportunities. They may still be able to take the test after the application is reviewed.

Depending on the circumstances, each board may make a different decision. Applicants should just ensure their applications are truthful.

Which School Are You Applying To?

It may not be a concern for all students because many schools don't run background checks on applicants before allowing them to enroll in nursing school.

Other institutions might run a background check and look for a DUI, but that doesn't imply the students won't be admitted to the programs. Nonetheless, numerous schools will accept such students.

The period that the DUI was obtained may be another redeeming factor.

How a DUI Affects Future Nursing Jobs

Many folks who had a DUI when they entered nursing school later discovered that it haunted them during job interviews. When it comes to employing nurses, every organization has its criteria.

Candidates may be questioned about a DUI during the application process, and employers may conduct background checks on all prospective hires.

Answering these questions truthfully is very important because even erased records are only declarations. Employers might still be able to see the applicant's prior DUI.

Several employers are forgiving of a misdemeanor DUI and may still hire nurses. Most of the time, employers won't hire nurses if it is a felony instead.

It might be difficult finding employment at medical facilities that receive government money. These institutions have unique rules that make it illegal to hire people who have ever been arrested for DUI. Independent medical facilities offer better career opportunities.

Some businesses might let job candidates with DUIs argue their case before their State Board of Nursing. They can present nurses with their final chance to land a job from a prospective employer.

Before applying for a job, it is wise for prospects to review the employment standards and prepare better for the interview process.

Expunge or Seal Records

It is feasible to have a DUI removed from the records of prospective students. Boards should confirm this with the individual's state of residence. States have different regulations that govern expunging information from background checks.

Many prospective nursing students pay to have their records wiped to ensure it doesn't harm their admission prospects. Even though this procedure could be expensive, it is worth it if students are accepted into nursing programs.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Can a Person Who Has a Felony Become a Nurse?

While some offenders get accepted as nurses, others are not. The answer can be tricky with the difference in cases. However, it is conceivable for a felon to become a nurse five years after serving their term.

Can a Convicted Nurse Be Denied a License?

The BRN can no longer reject an application if a person can prove that their conviction was expunged. They still have the right to refuse anyone if the person has committed a crime against the Nursing Practice Act or hasn't shown enough proof of their reform.

Call Sparks Law Firm for a Free Consultation

DUIs can interfere with career goals if they are not handled well. This is why offenders are advised to immediately call an experienced DUI attorney in Tarrant County TX when they are arrested.

Attorneys at Sparks Law Firm have spent years defending people accused of DUIs in Texas. We are skilled in helping prevent penalties that may have the future of culprits that regret their mistakes, such as those looking to get a Class A license with a DUI.

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