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Can You Get a Class a License with a DUI? Consult an Expert Attorney in Texas for Free

The Class A or Commercial Driver License (CDL) is serious business. This license allows a person to drive huge vehicles that might be carrying cargo. Drivers at this level should have absolute control of their trucks or semi-trucks. They also have an obligation to other drivers on the road to drive as safely as possible.

To obtain a CDL in Texas, an individual must pass all driving skills and knowledge tests. Additionally, they should have a clean driving record. This means no speeding or parking tickets, moving violations, DUIs, or other relevant issues.

A DUI should not prevent a person from getting a CDL, even though having more than one can lessen their chances.

An individual whose Class A license application has been rejected for no good reason should contact Sparks Law Firm. We have experienced DUI attorneys that can help them fight the case.

Statistics of Trucking Deaths in Texas

Statistics of Trucking Deaths in Texas

Statistics show that 97% of deaths in commercial vehicle collisions are the people in the other car. These are often smaller and weigh much lighter than the big rigs.

Texas leads the rest of the United States in truck accidents that result in death. It recorded about 32,000 commercial vehicle crashes in 2020. Out of these, 513 were fatal, with 581 deaths. This accounts for nearly 13% of fatal trucking accidents in the country.

Understandably, the state is strict with applications for such licenses. However, an individual can’t be denied one without reason.

Penalties for a DUI Conviction in Texas

A DUI can only affect a CDL request depending on the time between the conviction and the application. The following are common penalties for a culprit:

  • A six-month maximum prison term

  • $2000 in fines maximum

  • Compulsory participation in a rehabilitation program

  • Loss of driver's license

  • Community Service

The above shows that applying for a license within a specific time frame after a DUI is impossible. This is when they are serving a suspension or jail term.

It is important to note that the penalties listed above represent repercussions for just a first offense. People with second or third convictions on their record might have to wait for long before they can apply for a new license or get one reinstated.

What Else Can a DUI Affect?

In Texas, it is often possible to get a CDL even if a person has a DUI conviction on their record. Both state and federal licensing requirements for commercial drivers don't call for a spotless driving record. However, having a DUI conviction might make it difficult for them to get work after receiving their CDL.

When there are other qualified applicants for the job, a reputable trucking business is unlikely to recruit someone with a blemished driving record.

Persons with a DUI conviction on their record can and do become commercial truck drivers.

Hide or Expunge a DUI

People with DUI records can get them expunged or sealed to make them unavailable to people who run background checks.

However, there are requirements to meet before the state of Texas allows a nondisclosure order.

Sparks Law Firm has experienced attorneys that can guide past offenders through the processes to achieve this. We can help file a petition and argue the case to the judge for the order. Call us at (817) 381-7846 for a free consultation on possibly getting a reduced DUI charge.

What to Do When Facing a DUI Charge

Avoiding a conviction is the best strategy to prevent the most severe criminal penalties for a DUI.

Experienced DUI lawyers in Tarrant County TX can make a solid defense to improve the outcome for the accused. This includes:

  • Helping to get the charges against the accused dropped

  • Helping the accused get less severe penalties

  • Putting up a solid defense to prevent conviction

  • Preventing a suspension of the driver's license for an extended period

Let Sparks Law Firm Help You Fight a DUI Conviction

The DUI lawyers at Sparks Law Firm understand how critical a CDL is to a person’s livelihood. We know that even a brief suspension or revocation could cost a person their employment and make it difficult for them to make ends meet. Especially for certain occupations, such as a nurse or those looking to take the NCLEX.

Our firm believes that everyone is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. People should also not be severely punished for past mistakes, especially when trying to change their ways.

Persons who encounter issues obtaining or working with a CDL because of a DUI record should call us at (817) 381-7846 for a free consultation. Our experienced lawyers are always ready to help.


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