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What Day of the Year Has the Most DUI Arrests? | Top Four Dangerous Days for Drivers

Getting arrested for DUI can happen on any day of the year, but some days are statistically proven to witness a higher number of arrests than others.

Drivers need to be aware of such days because a high number of DUI arrests not only attracts more attention from law enforcement agencies but also means that the roads are a lot more dangerous during these times.

During public holidays, the attorneys at Sparks Law Firm often notice a sharp rise in the number of clients who approach them for help with DUI cases. Any drivers pulled over for DUI should call one of their experienced lawyers at (817) 381-7846 as soon as possible.

Why Holidays Are The Worst Times for Drivers

Why Holidays Are The Worst Times for Drivers

Holiday time is usually associated with a lot of DUI arrests because:

  • People usually drink a lot more alcohol when celebrating

  • Police are extra-vigilant during holidays, often conducting operations to counter DUI incidents

  • The extra driving as people visit each other and go out to celebrate means there are a lot more cars on the road

  • People are a lot more reckless during holidays

Drivers Should Be Extra Careful on These Days

Not all holidays carry a high risk of being pulled over for a DUI offense. The following are the holidays that drivers need to be wary of:

St. Patrick’s Day

While St. Patrick's Day is not legally recognized as a holiday in the US, it is still widely celebrated. The US has a very large Irish community and because of this, some places witness a lot of celebrations and DUI charges are very common.

Fourth of July

Many people would not consider their Fourth of July celebrations to be complete without a few rounds of alcohol. The fact that the holiday also takes place during summer and celebrations go on till late at night, means that by the time people get behind the wheel most of them are legally intoxicated.


The Thanksgiving meal is usually the highlight of this holiday and a lot of people end up drinking a lot of alcohol with their food. It is very easy to drink above the legal limit without even realizing it. As a result, most drivers get behind the wheel thinking they are sober enough to drive, only for the breathalyzer test to prove otherwise.

New Year’s Eve

Perhaps the worst day of the year with regards to DUI arrests is New Year’s Eve. This day usually sees a lot of wild celebrations all across the nation, and for most people, enjoying themselves without any alcohol is impossible.

Many drivers end up spending the rest of their New Year’s Eve behind bars facing stiff penalties for DUI charges.

What To Do When Arrested for DUI?

Drivers who find themselves being charged with DUI need to act fast to bring the situation back under their control. The following are some great tips to remember in such situations:

Hiring a Good Lawyer

A good Tarrant County TX DUI lawyer can make all the difference in a DUI case. The sooner a lawyer can look at the evidence being brought against their client, the sooner they can get to work building a defense.

Requesting a DMV Hearing

The accused driver usually has their license taken away by the arresting officer. In such cases, contacting the DMV within seven days will result in a temporary driving permit being issued which is valid for 60 days.

Reviewing All the Options

Many options are available to the accused, such as requesting an Accelerated Rehabilitation Disposition. This will effectively prevent the DUI charge from being placed on record and allow the defendant to substitute a stiff sentence for community service. Especially if the accused has a government job or works as a flight attendant.

The Attorneys of Sparks Law Firm Have Lots of Experience Handling DUI Cases

After many years of helping the great people of Texas, Sparks Law Firm is one of the best firms to approach with a DUI charge. Being arrested for DUI during the holidays is very common and does not have to hang over the driver's head for the rest of their lives. A good lawyer can help make the situation much easier.


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