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Fort Worth Zoo in Fort Worth, TX

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

The Fort Worth Zoo is one of the most amazing places to visit and explore in Fort Worth, TX. Located in the city's heart, the Fort Worth Zoo spans vast acres and features plenty of species, split up between numerous animal-focused exhibits. Information can be found here.

Visitors can find something to enjoy with the variety of wildlife on display. From the lion's pride and Tiger Beach to the Hollywood and African Savannah exhibits, each part of the zoo offers a unique glimpse into the fascinating world of animals. The aquarium is another impressive part of the zoo, containing thousands of types of fish worldwide. Unique attractions, such as Stingray Bay and lowland gorillas, make a trip to the zoo even more thrilling. See here for information about National Cowgirl Museum & Hall of Fame in Fort Worth, TX.

Throughout the zoo are engaging plenty of walk-through aviaries and interactive experiences. Attractions include the Children's Adventure Garden, the free tours, and the Simmons Aviary for a memorable experience. Additionally, the educational programs and animal shows provide guests with a chance to learn more about the fantastic creatures in the zoo. The zoo also has a wide selection of shopping, dining, and snack options throughout, so visitors won't have to leave the park before taking home a souvenir or bite to eat.

The Fort Worth Zoo is the perfect place to visit and explore, no matter what age you are or what type of experience you seek. With its stimulating and unforgettable animal experiences, engaging educational programs, and numerous shopping and dining options, the Fort Worth Zoo is a must-visit destination in Fort Worth, TX.


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