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A Top-notch North Richland Hills, TX Drug Crimes Lawyer Ready to Take the Case

The war on drugs has left many communities in tatters across the country, and North Richland Hills, TX is no exception. Drug offenses are on the rise, and in response, the police department has tightened restrictions as well as launched a full-scale war on drugs.

As a result, the number of arrests for a drug crime, such as drug trafficking is on the rise. Those who are accused of drug offenses are likely to face long jail sentences unless they can get a dedicated and experienced legal professional on their side.

At Sparks Law Firm, the lawyers have dedicated many years to serving the community of North Richland Hills, TX, and one of the major services they offer is providing criminal defense in cases involving drug crime.

Drug Crimes Issues in North Richland Hills, TX

Drug Crimes Issues in North Richland Hills, TX

In North Richland Hills, TX, the rate of increase of drug-involved crimes is generally high, at 5.12 per 1,000 residents. However, some areas are regarded as drug hot spots, with drug crime being very high in those communities.

Around the eastern neighborhoods, for example, there is a much higher chance of being involved in a drug crime than any other part of the city, such as the northern side, which is generally regarded as a safe place.

However, no matter which part of North Richland Hills, TX one resides in, the super lawyers of Sparks Law Firm are waiting at their law office to assist with any charges related to drug crime.

Illegal Drugs in the State of Texas

The list of illegal drugs is growing every day, and it seems more and more likely that, if one is not careful, they can unknowingly be caught with one of the prohibited drugs on them. However, of the many drugs that plague the community of North Richland Hills, TX, the following are the most common illegal drugs that people are arrested for:


One very complex thing about Marijuana is that it has been legalized in several states, while in Texas, it is still very much illegal. This makes it complicated for travelers who are coming from areas where it is legal to carry and smoke marijuana.

Those who are unwittingly caught with the illegal drug should contact this law office immediately, so they can consult with an experienced attorney regarding how best to beat their drug charges.


One of the most popular recreational drugs that are illegal in North Richland Hills, TX is Cocaine. Ever since its introduction decades ago, cocaine has remained of the most highly consumed substances in the country. As a result, any drug offense that involves trafficking or using cocaine is taken very seriously, and having a top attorney is very vital.


The devastation caused by heroin in the community of North Richland Hills is difficult to contemplate. In Sparks Law Firm's many years of practicing law, some of the worst cases of addiction have involved heroin abuse. Luckily these criminal defense attorneys are not only great lawyers but offer good counsel too to those who may be struggling with heroin addiction.

Various Opioids

Heroin is not the only opioid to have caused authorities problems over the years. Vicodin, Percocet, morphine, and oxytocin are all widely abused throughout North Richland Hills. What makes these opioids even more problematic is that they are also genuine legally prescribed painkillers.

This not only makes them more accessible, to the public but also means that, at times, innocent people can be arrested for possession of these drugs even if they have a legitimate reason for having them. It is such cases where they need to call a Fort Worth drug crime attorney fast before ending up with a criminal record.

Crystal Methamphetamine

Those who are fans of the party lifestyle will no doubt be familiar with the name crystal Meth. This drug has been used since the early days of the 20th century, and its popularity has increased over the last few years. It is a highly prohibited drug, and being found in possession of it, even without using it, is a punishable drug crime.


Ecstasy is a mood-altering pill that is associated with a lot of violent crimes in many parts of North Richland Hills, TX. Drug crime is very high among regular users due to the feelings of depression that are experienced as its effects wear out.

As a result, authorities regularly respond to cases of domestic violence and personal injury among heavy ecstasy users.


Another drug that is associated with high rates of drug crime is Lysergic acid diethylamide, commonly known as LSD. In very high doses, it causes vivid hallucinations, and users report not remembering doing the crimes they are accused of.

Criminal defense attorneys in North Richland Hills, TX have had a hard time when defending such cases, but at Sparks Law Firm, our strong defense team has an impressive track record in LSD-related cases.

What Is Drug Trafficking?

When talking about drug trafficking, it is a reference to the cultivation, manufacture, distribution, and sale of a wide range of illegal substances, such as those mentioned above, to make a profit.

Drug trafficking is the backbone of all drug crime, and as a result, it is the one area that receives a lot of attention from North Richland Hills law enforcement agencies.

Penalties for Drug Crimes

The penalties for being involved in a drug crime vary greatly, and they depend a lot on the type of drug in question, the intended use, the quantity, the nature of the drug crime committed, and the location of the incident.

In general, for drugs such as heroin, cocaine, LSD, and crystal meth, being caught with anything more than a kilogram of the drug will result in about 10 years in prison. Other circumstances, such as attempting to sell to a minor or possession of a firearm while conducting drug distribution, will increase this sentence significantly.

Criminal Defense Strategies

The best thing to do when arrested in North Richland Hills for a drug offense is to call Sparks Law Firm and speak to expert criminal defense attorneys to immediately formulate a defense strategy. Some common tactics employed by these lawyers are:

Illegal Search and Seizure

In cases where police have made the arrest without either a warrant or probable cause, the lawyers can move to have the drug charges dropped on the bases of an illegal search.

Criminal Profiling

At times, clients may feel they have been targeted for arrest based on race, gender, or poverty. In such cases, the lawyers can highlight this as criminal profiling to get their clients released.

The arrest of a Minor

One of the most successful criminal defense strategies is to bring up the issue of the defendant's age because the law in North Richland Hills does not allow the criminal prosecution of a minor.

Plea Bargain

In cases where there are no extenuating circumstances, such as personal injury to a victim, armed robbery, or intent to sell, super lawyers can successfully agree on a plea bargain with the prosecutor.

Character Witness Testimony

At times, the lead counsel for the defense can call upon a witness to testify on the character and social standing of the accused as a way of showing that this was a one-time mistake as opposed to a criminal habit.

Reduced Sentence

In North Richland Hills, convicted felons face long prison sentences, and it is up to the lead counsel for the defense to ask for a reduced sentence for their clients by bringing to light mitigating circumstances, such as having a family to take care of.

Appeal Conviction

If all else fails and the client is convicted, the lawyers will still launch an appeal if other evidence that may exonerate our client is found.

How the Right Law Firm Can Help

How the Right Law Firm Can Help

When the right North Richland Hills law firm is handling all the legal issues, clients can expect the following:

Determine the Charges

The first step of any legal action is to determine what the charges are and look at the evidence the police have against the client.

Apply for Bail

Criminal cases in North Richland Hills may take a long time, which is why the lawyers will immediately ask for a bail hearing on behalf of their client.

Independent Investigations

The prosecutor will have evidence against the clients, and as experienced criminal defense lawyers, they will make sure they do a thorough investigation across North Richland Hills to counter that evidence.

Negotiate With the Prosecutor

At times, the best strategy is to negotiate with the prosecutor to have the charges reduced, so that, for example, instead of serving time in prison, the client can receive a more lenient punishment such as a fine, probation, or community service around North Richland Hills.

Fight for the Defendant in Court

The most important duty of a good defense lawyer is to fight for their clients in front of a jury of the people of North Richland Hills. In this regard, there are no stronger fighters in Texas than the attorneys at Sparks Law Firm.

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Call Sparks Law Offices Now!

There are no legal issues regarding drug crime in North Richland Hills, TX that the super lawyers at Sparks Law Firm cannot handle. People may call their offices now and schedule a free consultation, so they can begin working on having those charges dropped.


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