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The North Richland Hills, TX Federal Crimes Lawyer That Makes a Difference

Criminal defense lawyers are important to have when someone is facing criminal charges. They are there to ensure that the defendant is getting the right treatment from the criminal justice system while trying to help them get a lesser sentence.

Many people trust Sparks Law Firm because the team is experienced with North Richland Hills, TX, and the criminal law. They are here to provide clients with expert advice because they understand that everyone should have the right representation around them.

North Richland Hills, TX Sees Crime

North Richland Hills, TX Sees Crime

Like the rest of the state, there are crimes in North Richland Hills, TX. Statistics have shown that violent crime is lower by 56% compared to the Texas mean. Also, it is 51% lower compared to the United States. North Richland Hills, TX, is known for being a great place to live, and it also has a fantastic waterpark.

However, that is why it becomes a big deal when someone gets arrested or criminal convictions are being made in North Richland Hills, TX. Criminal cases in North Richland Hills, TX, will bring down the reputation that the community has worked so hard to make. That is why law enforcement is not afraid to crack down on criminal charges to teach someone a lesson.

However, when this happens, a criminal defense attorney should be called immediately because law enforcement might be taking it too far. Also, it is not uncommon for there to be a mistake when it comes to criminal cases, which is why a criminal defense attorney will be able to help those in North Richland Hills when law enforcement comes knocking.

Punishments and Penalties

Below is a breakdown of the crimes and punishments in Texas:

  • Capital Offense: This is the most severe offense in Texas and can be punishable by death or life in prison.

  • First-Degree Felony: People charged with this felony may face five to 99 years in prison.

  • Second-Degree Felony: Someone facing a second-degree felony may be sentenced to between two and 10 years in prison.

  • Third-Degree Felony: This is the same punishment as a second-degree felony, but usually, domestic violence falls under this charge.

  • State Jail Felony: Criminals charged under this felony may only need to serve 180 days to two years in prison. Also, this sentence does not allow people to get out early on good behavior, but they will need to complete the entire sentence.

  • Class A Misdemeanor: This is the highest misdemeanor, and the person may be in county jail for no more than one year.

  • Class B Misdemeanor: A person charged under this misdemeanor may only serve up to 180 days in jail.

  • Class C Misdemeanor: Anyone charged with this misdemeanor will only be fined up to $500.

How Will an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Help?

In North Richland Hills, the right criminal defense lawyer should be called to help with any criminal offense. This is because they understand the law and will help those who need it.

Experience Wins

Any former prosecutor will explain to someone that a criminal defense lawyer experienced in their field will make all the difference in North Richland Hills. With their experience, they will know how to look through the provided evidence, so they will have a better shot at building a strong case for the client.

Also, statistically, when a professional criminal defense team is working on a case, the client is more likely to get the desired result.

They Understand Paperwork

A lot of paperwork needs to be done for a criminal case in North Richland Hills, but this can be time-consuming and challenging for someone who is not a criminal defense attorney. Luckily, when someone hires a federal crimes attorney in Fort Worth from the right law office, they don't need to worry about a thing.

They are professionals who know what paperwork needs to be completed and when. Everything will be done to the correct standard that the court is looking for, which is also a good way to ensure that the defendant has a chance.

Get Rid of Some Stress

When a crime happens in North Richland Hills, it can be stressful for everyone. However, the right team will try to take as much stress off of the defendant as they can. This is because they will deal with the legal side while the defendant can focus on themselves. Having this time to focus on themselves will help them better prepare for court.

How Sparks Law Firm Will Help

How Sparks Law Firm Will Help

There are many law offices in North Richland Hills, but Sparks Law Firm is here to help everyone.

They Are Experienced

The team is experienced when it comes to the law. They are here to ensure that everyone is treated fairly by the justice system and that they are getting the best possible outcome. With many wins under their belt, the entire team at Sparks Law Firm is made up of super lawyers who help people with their criminal cases.

Every Member Cares

When someone wants to hire an attorney, they get not just one person but rather an entire team. Since the team works well together, they will ensure that everyone who walks in through their front door is looked after. They know that teamwork will get them the right results.

They Can Help with Multiple Cases

Criminal charges can be anything. Sparks Law Firm does not just focus on one kind of case, but they will help with a variety of charges. Some of the cases that Sparks Law Firm can help with are:

  • Domestic Violence Cases.

  • Personal Injury Cases.

  • White Collar Crime.

  • DWI Cases.

  • Drug Charges.

  • Assault.

  • Revoked Probation.

  • Weapons Charges.

Since every attorney is board-certified, experienced, and ready to help, they can offer their knowledge and expertise to everyone.

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When someone needs a team that is going to help them with their criminal charge, then Sparks Law Firm is the best group to speak to. They offer a free consultation, so people can ensure that this is the group they want to work with. Also, they are experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate about the law.

Any questions should be directed to the team as soon as possible.


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