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Mansfield, TX, Criminal Appeals Lawyer | Sparks Law Firm Is an Acknowledged Leader in Criminal Appea

When it comes to criminal court cases, the decision that results in sentencing or conviction may not always be final. Often, defendants can argue that their criminal conviction is unsafe or that their sentence is too harsh. One can also choose to argue that confiscation orders, which are those made to stop a person from benefiting financially from their crime, should not have been issued.

Introduction to Criminal Appeals in Mansfield, TX

Introduction to Criminal Appeals in Mansfield, TX

Anyone who has been convicted of a crime may have the option of appealing their sentence or conviction. Appeals can be done either by finding new evidence or by arguing that the decision made by the court was unreasonable or unfair. More so, one can even argue that the criminal defense law itself may be wrong or, at the very least, applied badly to the facts of their case.

It takes a lot of work for a person facing criminal charges to prove that they have a good enough reason to appeal. It is both a timely and complicated process to challenge the law or find new evidence, but if it is possible, then a good criminal defense attorney will fight for their client's right to appeal.

A Criminal Defense Attorney Fit for Appeals

While many people that are arrested for criminal offenses automatically presume that their selection of criminal defense lawyers serving Mansfield, TX, will have very little influence on the outcome of their appeal, the super lawyers at Sparks Law Firm can prove otherwise.

With the respective state bar association and a good customer rating service, this team of former prosecutors is well worth one's consideration when looking for good criminal defense lawyers to fight for their legal rights.

How Long Does a Person Have to Appeal a Judgement in Mansfield, TX?

Generally, the filing of a notice of appeal is required to fall within 30 days from the date an order is signed by the judge, or a final judgment is made, in accordance with Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure. The time stamp may be extended to 90 days if the following is filed:

  • A timely motion for a new trial, or

  • A deadline extending document, for example, a motion to modify the judgment, or a request for findings of a fact and conclusions of law.

With regards to an accelerated appeal, the deadline to file a notice of appeal is usually 20 days after the order was signed or the judgment. No extensions are available in the case of accelerated appeals in Mansfield, TX.

The criminal defense lawyers serving Mansfield, TX, will ensure that their client's notice of appeal is filed within the correct time frame. A late appeal will subject a person's appeal to dismissal on the grounds that the higher court does not have the jurisdiction to hear their criminal case, which is why the sooner an appellate attorney is hired, the better.

How to File an Appeal on Judgement in Mansfield, TX

When it comes to how to appeal a civil court judgment, the answer falls within the knowledge of a person's appellate attorney. An appellate lawyer will know exactly how to file their client's appeal on judgment.

#1 Understanding Their Client's Criminal Case

Before doing so, however, they will first take a thorough look at their client's unique case, the court transcript, as well as any evidence that may help these appellate lawyers figure out whether any errors or mistakes have occurred.

Errors may include improperly admitted evidence or any objections that may have been incorrectly sustained or overruled. These types of mistakes will be able to form the grounds for valid appeal.

#2 Drafting an Appeal

The next step to filing an appeal on judgment involves a client's appellate lawyer drafting the appeal and submitting any specific appeal documents to the court in conformance with the Rules of Appellate Procedure. The appeal will point out all the mistakes that were made and why the decision of the lower court should be reversed, remanded, or overturned.

#3 Appearing Before the Judge

In most cases, the appeal filed will most likely be opposed by the victorious party in the litigation, as their victory is now under threat. Any opposition will result in an experienced lawyer being required to appear before the judge and argue, for their client, the merits of the motion at trial.

How Mansfield, TX, Criminal Defense Lawyers at Sparks Law Firm Can Help with Criminal Appeals

How Mansfield, TX, Criminal Defense Lawyers at Sparks Law Firm Can Help with Criminal Appeals

Irrespective of whether a person wants legal advice, to have legal representation from a Fort Worth criminal appeals lawyer in an appeal against their conviction, sentence, or confiscation order, or simply just a second opinion, the criminal defense attorneys at Sparks Law Firm can help.

The law firm's expert, dedicated team of criminal defense lawyers specializes in helping their clients appeal decisions that have been made against them in court. Those facing criminal charges can be sure that these criminal defense lawyers serving Mansfield, TX, have the necessary legal experience and expertise that is needed to build a strong criminal defense case.

Clients can expect advice on legal issues that is clear and in plain English. The criminal defense lawyers at Sparks Law Firm also keep their clients fully informed of all that is happening and what they are doing to help them in this situation.

Related Practice Areas of These Criminal Defense Lawyers

These outstanding lawyers have many years of experience in practicing law and have successfully handled criminal appeal cases for some of the following criminal charges:

  • Assault or aggravated assault crimes

  • Domestic violence

  • DWI

  • Burglary

  • Child endangerment

  • Harassment

  • Public intoxication

  • Murder or manslaughter

  • Shoplifting

  • Theft crimes

  • Weapons possession

Other Mansfield Practice Areas

Contact a Criminal Defense Lawyer at Sparks Law Firm Today for a No-obligation Discussion!

Those who would like more information should get in touch with a criminal defense attorney at Sparks Law Firm by contacting the law office today at (817) 381-7846. These criminal defense lawyers are available Monday to Friday, from eight to five, for anyone looking to arrange a free consultation with regards to their legal issue.

This applies to anyone who has been convicted of a criminal offense and wishes to appeal, as well as those who wish to appeal against a maximum sentence. A criminal defense lawyer at Sparks Law Firm is more than willing to help.


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