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Contact a Mansfield, TX, Criminal Defense Lawyer from the Sparks Law Firm

Going through criminal cases is overwhelming for all parties involved in the trial, but things are way worse for those facing charges since they are at risk of jail time. People guilty of the crimes filed against them must go to jail, but what happens to those falsely charged with them?

No one deserves to go to jail for something they didn't do, so they need excellent criminal defense lawyers who can fight for their freedom. Unfortunately, it's difficult to know if a Mansfield, TX, criminal defense attorney is as good as they claim to be before hiring them.

However, people looking for Mansfield, TX, criminal defense lawyers to help them with their case can always rely on the Sparks Law Firm! Hiring this law firm means getting the service of the best criminal defense attorney in Fort Worth ready to give their best to collect evidence and win the case.

The criminal defense lawyers working for the Sparks Law Firm in Mansfield, TX, have more than 100 years of combined experience, so there's no need to doubt how skilled they are. Clients only need to call them to schedule a free consultation of their case with them!

This article has some information about the Sparks Law Firm and the criminal charges it can help its clients overcome in Mansfield, TX.

How Can a Criminal Defense Attorney Help You?

How Can a Criminal Defense Attorney Help You?

Criminal defense lawyers in Mansfield, TX, can help their clients in many ways and are also their main tool to avoid a criminal conviction. The first thing people can trust a criminal defense lawyer to do is to help them understand how criminal defense law works.

These are the things clients can ask criminal defense lawyers to do for them:

Explain to People How Criminal Defense Law Works

Legal processes are not simple, and someone who hasn't studied them can't know how everything should go without the help of criminal defense lawyers in Mansfield, TX. Therefore, clients of the Sparks Law Firm in Mansfield, TX, can call it anytime they need to know something about the case or if they have any concerns about it.

Although it doesn't happen in all cases, sometimes police officers or prosecutors in Mansfield, TX, do things outside of due process and violate the defendant's constitutional rights.

If that happens, criminal defense lawyers in Mansfield, TX, can file a formal motion or written request to let the judge know how unfair the law has been to the defendant. When that happens, the judge can dismiss the case or unlawfully obtained evidence that could benefit the prosecution.

Investigating the Case

Criminal defense lawyers in Mansfield, TX, are not only in charge of defending their clients in a court of law but also can investigate the case and everything related to it. That means talking to witnesses, gathering evidence, and looking for documents such as official reports and medical records from Mansfield, TX, hospitals.

The good thing about hiring Mansfield, TX, criminal defense attorneys to take a case is they can also ask for documents and evidence that prove the defendant's innocence and that victims wouldn't have been able to get on their own. Things such as official documents, police reports, and security video tapes are helpful in Mansfield, TX, criminal defense cases.

Here are some of the most common pieces of evidence in a criminal defense trial:

  • Witnesses

  • Pictures

  • Audio

  • Videos

  • Physical evidence

  • Medical records

  • Police reports

Ask for a Plea Bargain

Not all Texas criminal defense issues end up in trial since many cases are settled in a negotiation between the defendant's criminal defense lawyer and the prosecutors.

The problem with getting to a settlement in Mansfield, TX, is that it often means pleading guilty for the cries, and that's something clients don't want to do if they didn't commit them. That process is called a plea bargain.

Regardless of that, criminal defense lawyers of the Sparks Law Firm in Mansfield, TX, can get to the best settlement their clients can ask for if they want to go through that instead of taking the case to trial.

It's not uncommon for a criminal defense lawyer to get to a settlement if the prosecution has enough evidence to convict the defendant for the criminal offense they are charging them.

Build a Case with Clients

Criminal defense lawyers in Mansfield, TX, have many ways of getting a non-guilty settlement, and building a strong case they feel comfortable with is a fundamental part of the Mansfield, TX, criminal defense process. Maybe the defendant acted in self-defense or had the perfect alibi for the case.

All cases are different from each other, but even if the defendant didn't do what the state is charging them for, they can't win the case if their criminal defense lawyer doesn't prove they are innocent beyond a reasonable doubt.

Collecting evidence is also important for this matter.

Representing the Defendant at Trial

As it was mentioned before, many Mansfield, TX, criminal defense cases end up with a plea bargain, but a good criminal defense attorney in Mansfield, TX, shouldn't be scared of going to trial since they need to be ready to do it at all times. Fortunately, everything will be alright as soon as the defendant has an experienced lawyer from the Sparks Law Firm by their side.

Trials are often overwhelming for the defendant and all parties involved due to everything at stake and how dynamic they can be. Nonetheless, a decent criminal defense lawyer can cross-examine witnesses and find issues in the other party's evidence to win the case.

Facing criminal charges is stressful, and going through a criminal defense trial in Mansfield, TX, means there's evidence against the defendant, even if they didn't do it at all. All lawyers working for the Sparks Law Firm believe their clients until the end, and they will never stop fighting for them.

Whether it's domestic violence, drug crime, firearm crime, theft, or any other Texas criminal defense issues, the Sparks Law Firm is always there for its clients.

Regardless of that, here are the practice areas of the Sparks Law Firm:

  • Appeals

  • Crimes against justice

  • Minor-related crimes

  • Drug crimes

  • Expunctions


  • Federal crimes

  • Firearm crimes

  • Juvenile crimes

  • Theft

  • Violent crimes

  • White-collar crimes

The best way to know if someone looking for a criminal defense lawyer can count on the Sparks Law Firm is to ask it directly, so they can schedule a free consultation with it whenever they need it.

Why Hire Criminal Defense Lawyers from the Sparks Law Firm?

It's difficult to trust a criminal defense lawyer in a criminal law case if the defendant doesn't know the law firm yet or how it works.

However, there's no need to doubt the quality this law office offers since it has a five-star rating on Google. Apart from that, big enterprises such as Associated Press, Yahoo! News, Reuters, CBS, and Telemundo support it.

Criminal law cases are complex, and the defendant can't take the risk of hiring law firms that aren't backed up by other people or companies.

Additionally, getting a free consultation at the Sparks Law Firm law offices, as its name suggests, doesn't cost clients a penny, so they can do it and walk away if they don't like what this law firm has to offer them.

Lawyers working for this law office have more than 100 years of combined experience, so everyone can expect those lawyers to understand how criminal law works and what they need to do to address their clients' criminal defense needs. People hiring this law office are not just a number, and the people working at the Sparks Law Firm give them all the attention they need.

At least two experienced lawyers will provide clients with legal representation, so they should always expect a team and proactive approach from this law firm. The Sparks Law Firm has a team made of former prosecutors, which means clients may work with a former prosecutor on their case.

Why is this a good thing? Because they know how everything works from the prosecution's perspective and can counter what they do better than how other lawyers would do it.

Summarizing it all, here are the reasons clients should always count on the Sparks Law Firm to cover their criminal defense needs:

  • It has a team made of former prosecutors.

  • It works with more than one lawyer on each case.

  • It offers free case consultations.

  • It has an experienced team.

What to Do If You Ever Need TX Criminal Defense Lawyers

What to Do If You Ever Need TX Criminal Defense Lawyers

If defendants don't hire an attorney for their case as soon as they can, the state will provide them with one. Therefore, the first thing to do after being arrested or facing criminal charges is to call the Sparks Law Firm and tell them the details of what happened.

Clients shouldn't talk to anyone until a lawyer from this law firm gets to the police station. It's worth noting this law firm mainly works with criminal defense lawyers, so people can't hire it to file a personal injury case or lead a personal injury investigation.

Other Mansfield Practice Areas

Conclusion - Schedule a Free Consultation with the Sparks Law Firm!

Scheduling a free consultation with the Sparks Law Firm is as easy as contacting it! Doing it can be the difference between facing jail or winning a case, so no one should hesitate to do it.

Being falsely accused is serious, and investing in decent legal representation is essential to get a fair verdict at the end of the trial.


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