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Mansfield, TX, Theft Crimes Lawyer | What a Committed Theft Crimes Lawyer Can Do for You

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

A criminal defense lawyer at Sparks Law Firm appreciates that law can be very intimidating, especially if one is not familiar with the legal system. This is of no concern considering how these criminal defense lawyers can both advise and support their clients throughout the entire process, regardless of what criminal charge they are faced with.

About the Dedicated Criminal Defense Attorneys at Sparks Law Firm in Mansfield, TX

About the Dedicated Criminal Defense Attorneys at Sparks Law Firm in Mansfield, TX

A criminal defense attorney at Sparks Law Firm is at the cutting edge of criminal defense and white-collar cases, and having been involved in many significant cases in the past, their experience is second to none. Their practice areas cover the following range of criminal charges:

  • Aggravated robbery crimes

  • Assault

  • 24/7 bail bond

  • Criminal mischief

  • Theft charges

  • Criminal trespass

  • Domestic violence

  • Drug crimes

  • Harassment

  • Misdemeanor

  • Murder or manslaughter

  • DWI

  • Public intoxication

  • Sexual assault

  • Bodily injury

  • Weapons possession

  • Shoplifting

  • Stalking charges

Anyone that has been arrested and taken into Mansfield jail custody by the Mansfield Police Department will need a good Mansfield criminal defense lawyer by their side. The criminal defense team at Sparks Law Firm are made up of top attorneys that can immediately start working to defend the rights of their client and protect their liberty as soon as they have been contacted at (817) 381-7846.

What Happens to Those Found on the Wrong Side of Criminal Law in Mansfield, TX?

Mistakes are bound to be made. The problem comes in, however, when this mistake causes a person to find themselves on the wrong side of the law. With such a low crime rate in Mansfield, TX, coworkers, friends, and neighbors notice this, and a person's reputation may take on a massive hit. Not only that, but a lot of time and energy has been vested into keeping the glowing reputation of the city of Mansfield intact.

Thus, when a person is suspected of criminal activities, they are zealously sought after by the local law enforcement officers. A former prosecutor will send a message to all Mansfield residents by prosecuting suspects to the full extent of the law. This is why it is so important for those accused, charged, or under investigation for a crime to immediately begin working with a knowledgeable Mansfield criminal defense lawyer who will provide the best defense in order to protect their future, their family, and to keep their good name.

Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney Who Understands the Consequences Given to Those Charged with Crime in Mansfield, TX

In Mansfield, TX, there are two categories of criminal offense that a person can be charged with according to their severity, these are namely misdemeanors and felonies.

The Difference Between Misdemeanors and Felonies

Under Texas law, misdemeanors are understood to be a crime with a maximum sentence of a year in county jail, along with a maximum fine of $4,000. A felony, on the other hand, is a crime that is far more serious and may result in a sentence that ranges anywhere between six months to life in state prison, as well as a maximum fine of $10,000.

Those convicted of a felony offense may also lose certain rights, for example:

  • The right to vote

  • The right to participation in jury duty

  • The right to own a firearm, and

  • The ability to obtain some occupational licenses

The Consequences of a Felony Conviction in Mansfield, TX

In Mansfield, Texas, a criminal conviction can have devastating repercussions on one's future. A criminal defense attorney at Sparks Law Firm understands this and will work diligently to ensure that they are limiting the adverse consequences of their client's felony or misdemeanor conviction.

These consequences include:

  • Denial of loans from finance companies and banks

  • A criminal record that can be found during a criminal background check

  • In specific occupations, a person may face barriers with regard to employment

  • They may be ineligible for certain professional licenses

  • A public criminal record of a person's conviction that is made available to employers and landlords

  • Denial of admission or expulsion from certain universities

Why Sparks Law Firm Is the Mansfield Criminal Defense Lawyer of Choice for Texas Residents

Why Sparks Law Firm Is the Mansfield Criminal Defense Lawyer of Choice for Texas Residents

Sometimes, when a person is arrested for a criminal offense, they automatically presume that the selection of theft crimes attorneys in Mansfield will have little to no impact with regards to the outcome of their legal issue.

However, it is evident that those arrested have been able to substantially improve their situation by asserting their rights and hiring an experienced Fort Worth theft crimes attorney in Mansfield, Texas.

Often, it is found that the stress and anxiety surrounding the arrest result in mistakes that significantly compromise a person's case. Those wanting to protect both their reputation and liberty should not only refuse to speak with the police but also retain a theft crimes attorney that can start protecting their rights as soon as possible in their criminal case.

The experienced theft crimes attorneys at Sparks Law Firm always ensure that they provide their clients with a zealous defense of their constitutional rights and will go on to explore the full range of any potential defense strategies, such as:

  • Unlawful searches that have been conducted without a warrant

  • Lack of substantive evidence

  • Violation of rights

  • Improper stop of a person or vehicle without reasonable suspicion

  • Unreliable lab testing

  • Police misconduct

  • Confessions obtained by force

Other Mansfield Practice Areas

A Free Consultation Is the First Step to Fighting a Criminal Charge in Mansfield, TX

Anyone who has been arrested and being held in Mansfield jail or is under investigation for a first-degree felony or other types of criminal charges will need to contact the super lawyers at Sparks Law Firm to schedule a free consultation as soon as possible.

During an initial consultation, a client's rights will be discussed, and any questions they may have regarding the situation will also be answered. The lawyers at Sparks Law Firm will ensure that their client, or the family member of their client, fully understands the situation they are in.

These lawyers can be contacted today at (817) 381-7846. Not all criminal charges or investigations will end in prosecution, but a person's best bet at any sort of freedom will mean having a skilled theft crimes lawyer from Sparks Law Firm at their side.


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