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Mansfield, TX, White-Collar Crimes Lawyer | Outstanding Criminal Defense Attorneys Serving Mansfield

Criminal activities come in a range of forms, where some types of crimes are not immediately seen as obvious violations of the law. When it comes to white-collar crimes, this usually involves an illegal form of financial activity, as opposed to face-to-face acts of theft or violence. While these offenses may appear to pose less harm to their alleged victims, they are still investigated and strongly prosecuted by law enforcement officers at both state and federal levels.

An Overview of White-Collar Crimes in Mansfield, TX

An Overview of White-Collar Crimes in Mansfield, TX

These types of crimes have potentially severe consequences, and anyone accused of committing an offense or under investigation for a white-collar crime should seek the legal representation of a criminal defense attorney in Mansfield, TX, immediately.

Usually, white-collar crimes have a financial component, and the criminal charges that result may be from the activities performed from a person's business agenda. There have been many criminal cases where a manager, executive, and even a business owner have been accused of being in violation of the law without even realizing that they have done something wrong. In other cases, one is faced with charges for being involved in the illegal actions committed by either an employee or another business partner.

Any accusations as a result of the aforementioned do harm to both a person's reputation as well as their business in the Mansfield, TX, community. This is why it is so important that both the nature of the alleged violations is understood, and the options available for defense against these white-collar criminal charges are known.

Types of White-Collar Criminal Charges

White collar crime encompasses an array of offenses, including some of the following:

#1 Fraud

Charges for white-collar crimes include fraud allegations, this is where a person is accused of participating in deceptive practices or any other activities aimed at providing them with illegal financial gain. Fraud is a broad term that encompasses several schemes that are used to defraud people of their money; examples of fraud include:

  • Tax fraud

  • Securities fraud

  • Health care fraud

  • Tax evasion

  • Bribery or corruption

#2 Insider Trading

This is trading that is done where the trader possesses material or non-public information that gives them an advantage in the financial markets and is known as insider trading.

#3 Identity Theft and Other Cyber Crimes

Due to the mere fact that so many business transactions happen electronically, a person may also be charged with internet or computer crimes. Two of the most commonly widespread computer crimes include identity theft and hacking.

#4 Embezzlement

Embezzlement is a crime of theft that can range from an employee helping themselves to a few dollars from the till to a scheme where millions of dollars are transferred from the company's account to the embezzler's account.

#5 Money Laundering

Money laundering is a white-collar crime that involves the funneling of cash through several different accounts and, lastly, into legitimate businesses. The cash will eventually become intermingled with the genuine revenues of a financial institution where it is no longer identifiable as having originally been sourced from the commission of a crime.

#6 Ponzi Scheme

A Ponzi scheme is described as an investment scam, one that offers investors extremely high returns. These returns are paid to the initial investors using the newly deposited funds of new investors. Once the scammer fails to attract a sufficient number of clients in order to pay off the old ones, the scheme collapses, leaving a majority of the investors with huge financial losses.

The Consequences of White-Collar Crimes in Mansfield, TX

The Consequences of White-Collar Crimes in Mansfield, TX

The punishment for a white-collar crime can be a combination of probation, prison time, paying fines, restitution, and in some cases, community service. Those involved in white-collar crimes may find themselves paying the cost of prosecution, forfeiting the gains of the crime, and stuck under house arrest or heading off to prison.

When it comes to this criminal offense, one's freedom and financial future are on the line. Especially if a person is convicted or charged, as their assets may be seized, impacting both them and their family. To be even more clear, these related assets are not just those stemming directly from the crime.

White-collar crimes can lead to not only a criminal conviction but civil repercussions as well. Those convicted of white-collar crimes may also face civil lawsuits from the federal government, the victims of the crime, or both, following the criminal process. These lawsuits will only add to the penalties that are brought forward from the criminal legal issues, adding to the ruin of one's financial position and reputation. Seeking expert advice from a Fort Worth white collar crimes attorney is the best course of action.

Therefore, those who are under investigation or have been charged with a white-collar crime should secure the legal counsel of an experienced criminal defense lawyer who will protect their rights and future.

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Criminal Defense with a Criminal Defense Lawyer at Sparks Law Firm in Mansfield, TX

The legal team at Sparks Law Firm in Mansfield, TX, has criminal defense attorneys who possess the necessary experience to handle any and all white-collar crime cases in both federal and state courts. These outstanding lawyers treat their clients with the utmost respect during these stressful times and work with them to understand their perspectives and desires, all while putting together a legal strategy that is cost-conscious as well as effective. These super lawyers are the perfect example of what is considered a good white-collar crimes lawyer in Mansfield, TX.

A white-collar crimes lawyer at Sparks Law Firm will begin working immediately by putting forward their best efforts to try and resolve the charges before the matter gets out of hand. Nevertheless, these lawyers are willing, if needed, to pursue litigation and also work to find alternative resolutions where practicable.

How to Get in Touch with Sparks Law Firm

A white-collar crimes lawyer at Sparks Law Firm can be reached at (817) 381-7846. Clients become part of the legal team when they trust Sparks Law Firm with their defense. Anyone seeking legal help can start by scheduling a free consultation with these super lawyers today.


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