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What Does a Mansfield TX Federal Crimes Lawyer Do?

If an individual is under a federal offense investigation or indicted in a federal law court, then they'll need a criminal defense lawyer to represent them in court. It's not always easy to find an experienced criminal defense attorney when an individual doesn't know who or where to turn to for help. When a person is convicted of a federal crime, it can change the course of their life; therefore, they need a professional criminal defense lawyer on their side to prove their innocence.

Sparks Law Firm has criminal defense lawyers who have handled numerous cases of individuals who have been accused of committing federal crimes and require legal representation from a Fort Worth federal crimes attorney to prove their innocence. Whether an individual is arrested in Mansfield, TX, or is a target of criminal investigation, reputed criminal defense lawyers from Sparks Law Firm can provide aggressive yet compassionate legal counsel at any stage of their federal case. People may contact Sparks Law Firm immediately to schedule a free initial consultation with a Mansfield TX criminal defense attorney.

Knowledgeable Criminal Defense Attorneys in Mansfield TX

Knowledgeable Criminal Defense Attorneys in Mansfield TX

Every city in Texas, like Mansfield, Tarrant County, and Fort Worth TX takes violation of law extremely seriously. Therefore, criminal offenses are harshly punished by the federal criminal justice system. Moreover, parole is no longer available in the justice system, so when a person is convicted, there's little chance of them getting out.

If an individual is charged with criminal offenses, they can only avoid conviction and possible jail time by presenting credible defense strategies that explain the defendant's action or a story that contradicts the prosecutor's version of events. A good criminal defense attorney in Mansfield, TX, is key to having a strong defense for an individual's criminal charges. Sparks Law Firm has a great deal of criminal defense lawyers knowledgeable in criminal law and other related practice areas.

These super lawyers serving Mansfield, TX, have a ton of experience dealing with difficult criminal defense cases and may know how best to handle the prosecutors. Moreover, they can work out the best deal for their clients to help them avoid the maximum sentence. Individuals in Fort Worth, TX, facing criminal charges should, therefore, schedule a free consultation with Mansfield, TX, lawyers from Sparks Law Firm.

It'll increase their chances of their criminal charges getting dismissed or reduced. A defendant should call outstanding lawyers serving Mansfield and Fort Worth, TX, today at (817) 381 7846 to determine their legal options.

What Cases Does a Criminal Defense Lawyer Handle?

A seasoned criminal defense lawyer serving Mansfield, TX, handles various Texas criminal defense issues. Attorneys with a high rating service have a proven track record of success on various criminal cases. The following are some of the criminal charges that a TX attorney can handle under criminal law:

  • Drug crimes: RICO cases, trafficking, smuggling, importation/exportation, drug distribution, drug conspiracy, murder, and homicide charges.

  • White-collar crimes: Internet crimes, money laundering, misappropriation, and false statements.

  • Fraud crimes: Bankruptcy fraud, embezzlement, and mortgage fraud.

  • Other criminal offenses: Domestic violence, sexual crimes, weapon offenses, auto accidents, and wrongful death.

Criminal defense needs super lawyers from Sparks Law Firm to develop a strong defense that can help the defendant get a reduced sentence in a plea bargain or get the entire case dismissed. It's, therefore, wise for a defendant to hire a criminal defense lawyer serving Mansfield, TX, to increase their chances of getting the criminal charges dismissed.

Individuals facing federal charges should call Sparks Law Firm today at (817) 381 7846 and schedule a free consultation to get legal help.

Criminal Conviction Associated with Criminal Defense Cases in Mansfield TX

When an individual is charged with any type of criminal offense in Mansfield and nearby cities like Fort Worth, TX, it can have serious consequences. It can be particularly more devastating if an individual is innocent of the crime he's been charged with. Generally, criminal defense crimes carry more severe penalties than personal injury cases.

Its penalties hold year-long jail time sentences. A good example is a murder charge perpetrated from a premeditated design maliciously to effect the death of any human; if convicted of first-degree murder in a federal court in Fort Worth, TX, the punishment is death or life imprisonment. After reviewing a defendant's case in a free consultation, super lawyers serving Mansfield, TX, can accurately estimate the conviction they're likely to get if they go on trial.

Federal Sentencing Guidelines

The kind of imprisonment handed down by a federal court in Fort Worth, TX, follows federal sentencing guidelines, which are non-binding rules that establish a uniform criminal defense policy for all criminal defendants in Texas. It uses a point system to determine the right sentencing range for a particular defendant, depending on several factors like the severity of the crime, nature, and the defendant's criminal track record.

Overall, the higher the points, the longer the prison sentence - while these guidelines are not mandatory, federal judges are required to consider them when determining the right prison sentence. In instances where a judge deviates from these guidelines, he must provide an appropriate explanation for their actions. A criminal defense lawyer serving Mansfield, TX, with a high degree of peer recognition will be upfront with all these legal issues during a free consultation with their clients to help them understand their criminal case and legal rights.

A Criminal Defense Attorney Will Develop a Strong Defense in a Criminal Defense Case

A Criminal Defense Attorney Will Develop a Strong Defense in a Criminal Defense Case

A criminal defense case is difficult, as prosecutors are aggressive in their investigation. One may feel like all decks of cards are stacked against them. However, super lawyers serving Mansfield, Texas, can help clients with such a legal issue. Just because the federal government says one committed a crime doesn’t mean they actually did it or will be convicted of the crime. Regardless of the criminal charge, Mansfield's criminal defense needs to develop a solid defense to counter what the prosecutors are saying.

The defendant can only get convicted if the prosecutor proves beyond reasonable doubt that they're guilty of the crime. While trying to prove that a defendant conspired to distribute drugs in Fort Worth, TX, a prosecutor must prove the following;

  • There was a conspiracy (agreement between the defendant and other people to distribute drugs).

  • The defendant knew about the conspiracy and intentionally joined the conspiracy.

Criminal defense lawyers serving the Mansfield area at Sparks Law Firm will bring in knowledge, skills, and experience in a case. They'll first undertake independent research and peer evaluations to determine their client's innocence and know how they'll develop a strong defense to prove their innocence. Therefore, an individual must contact a criminal defense lawyer today to schedule a free consultation and start their legal journey.

Other Mansfield Practice Areas

Why Criminal Defense Lawyers in a Criminal Defense Case

Super lawyers serving Mansfield, Texas, have experience helping clients with a range of criminal offenses. They know what it takes to win a federal criminal case. Outstanding lawyers from Sparks Law offices in Mansfield, Texas, have high ethical standards and are prepared to stand by the defendant's side, protect their legal rights, and represent their best interest at every point of the case.

They'll examine the case thoroughly to assess the strengths and weaknesses to determine the best strategy for a particular case. The lawyers serving Mansfield and the larger Texas area will ensure that an individual's charges are dismissed or get a simpler sentence like community service. Whether in Fort Worth or Mansfield, Texas, partnering with a criminal defense lawyer with excellent professional achievement will increase the chances of a defendant winning their case.


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