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Find a Reliable Southlake TX Criminal Appeals Lawyer

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Being involved in criminal cases is one of the worst scenarios someone can be in, especially if they're found guilty of the charges. However, even then, not everything is lost.

They can still hire a Southlake, TX, criminal defense lawyer who can fight for their freedom and get a better deal in court.

Luckily, the Sparks Law Firm has the best criminal defense lawyers in Southlake, TX, as we have the knowledge to deal with criminal law cases. Anyone can get a free consultation with one of our criminal defense attorneys by calling (817) 381-7846 or contacting our law office.

Types of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Types of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Drug Appeals

Drug crimes involve many crimes, such as drug possession and drug conspiracy. Although some are more serious than others, they still represent a strong reason to be convicted.

If someone is found guilty of a drug-related crime, they can always call an experienced criminal defense attorney who can create a strong defense in their favor and reduce the sentence.

Medical Fraud

Many things can go wrong when someone undergoes a medical procedure.

Although most medical professionals warn their patients about all the risks before starting treatment, they can still experience medical fraud charges.

Therefore, it is crucial to have a serving Southlake TX criminal defense attorney.

Medical Marijuana

Although medical marijuana is becoming much more normalized in most American states, people still face charges for selling and consuming this drug.

Filing these appeals is super easy as long as the defendant has a serving Southlake, TX, criminal defense lawyer by their side who can protect their rights.

Military Appeals

Service men and women can also face unfair sentences from time to time. That is why they should get a free consultation from serving Southlake criminal defense lawyers with experience in military appeals who can give their clients the justice they deserve.

Pardon and Clemency

Pardon and clemency appeals are pretty particular, as defendants only have 10 days to file one of these appeals.

That's why it is crucial to find a reliable Southlake TX criminal defense lawyer who can act as fast as possible to handle pardon and clemency proceedings and get their clients out of uncomfortable situations.


RICO is an acronym for the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. It includes several illegal acts, such as murder, extortion, tax fraud, and even some personal injury cases. It is different from white-collar crimes, as RICO crimes are committed within an organized corporation where the leaders are the most prone to being convicted for these charges.

Securities Fraud

There are several types of security fraud crimes, such as transnational work, regulatory work, and litigation. Criminal defense lawyers specializing in these types of charges protect their client's interests and can handle both civil and criminal lawsuits.

White Collar

Finally, white-collar lawyers are also criminal defense lawyers. These crimes are commonly tried under federal law, so getting a free consultation from a qualified criminal defense attorney serving Southlake, TX, is crucial.

They know everything about these cases and can explore their clients' options for reducing their sentences.

Some white-collar crimes people can go to jail for are money laundering and embezzlement, which can cause severe consequences on the victim's reputation. An experienced criminal appeals law firm in Fort Worth on your side is the best bet toward mitigating those charges.

How a Criminal Defense Lawyer Wins an Appeal

Review the Case for Errors

The first step for winning an appeal in Southlake, TX, is to review the case and search for errors that could reduce the defendant's sentence during a free consultation.

In the best-case scenario, the criminal defense lawyer will find mistakes made by any of the previously involved parties so that they can create a solid argument to appeal the case.

Develop an Argument Based on Federal Law

In order to win these cases, it is crucial to create a strong argument based on federal criminal defense law, as those are the strongest arguments TX criminal defense lawyers can make to get their clients out of prison.

Establish Your Full or Partial Innocence

TX appeals lawyers must combine legal and emotional arguments to establish their client's innocence. Outstanding lawyers serving Southlake, TX, can create a strong case against the former prosecutor and show how the legal system harms an innocent person.

Seek the Release from Imprisonment

The final step is to seek release from imprisonment, which is the ultimate goal of appeal lawyers serving Southlake, TX, in these procedures.

Release from Imprisonment

Appeal processes in criminal law tend to take a considerable amount of time, but that doesn't mean that the defendant should stay in jail during that time.

That's why the trial attorney serving Southlake, TX, must file a motion for their client to be released during the appeal.

It is crucial to remember several aspects will impact this decision, such as the severity of the case, the previous criminal history, and involvement in other crimes, such as personal injury cases.

In most cases, the defendant doesn't have a constitutional right to be released on bail, but a good-serving Southlake TX criminal defense lawyer can achieve it.

The Importance of an Appeals Attorney

The Importance of an Appeals Attorney

When pursuing an appeal to a criminal conviction, the defendant mustn't work with the same criminal defense Southlake TX attorney. They need someone with much more experience who can find all the mistakes made during the initial trial and any legal issues that may affect the case's outcome.

Appeals lawyers serving Southlake, TX, can do the following procedures to protect their clients:

Analyze the Trial Record

Hiring appeal lawyers will help the defendant better understand their criminal offense. Get a free consultation with one of our criminal defense lawyers for further information.

Discover New Arguments

Appeals lawyers serving Southlake, TX, must review all the aspects of the case to find new points of view and create better arguments that the previous attorney may have missed.

Fight to Win

The last perk of hiring appeals attorneys serving Southlake, TX, is that they take this process extremely seriously and are sure to provide the best possible results.

Other Southlake Practice Areas

Contact a Sparks Law Firm Criminal Defense Attorney

Sparks Law Firm is one of the best law firms serving Southlake, TX. We have the best team of appeals lawyers who practice law in Southlake, TX, and our clients are free to check the respective state bar association to learn more about each lawyer.

In order to get a free consultation from our law firm, our clients can either come to our law offices in Southlake, TX or call (817) 381-7846.


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