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Talk To A Southlake, TX, White Collar Crimes Lawyer Today

Not every crime involves physical confrontation or violence. In the corporate world, many people use deceptive and fraudulent means to make financial gains. The effects of such crimes can be devastating. They can bring down an entire economy in one transaction. This is why such cases are prosecuted in state or federal courts depending on the state or federal law.

The government takes these situations seriously and dedicates many investigators and prosecutors to unravel the complex nature of these crimes.

White collar crime is considered a felony offense and carries heavy punishments. A person facing charges for this crime should get a white-collar crime lawyer as early as possible.

Contact our law office in Fort Worth, to schedule a free consultation with the firm's experienced criminal defense attorneys. Clients can get legal guidance for their cases in Southlake, TX.

Types Of White Collar Crimes in Southlake, TX

Types Of White Collar Crimes in Southlake, TX

There are several examples of white-collar crimes as defined by the laws in Southlake, TX. Anyone unsure whether what they are charged with is a white-collar crime or not should contact Sparks Law. They can schedule a free consultation with any of the firm's white-collar crime attorneys.

  • Antitrust Violations

Insider trading, price fixing, restraints, price discrimination, etc. All actions that abuse a position to create a monopoly on the free market qualify as a white-collar crime in Fort Worth, TX. It uses the same principles that make fixed betting illegal.

  • Computer and Internet Fraud

The internet is an important medium for business transactions. Hacking private communications and systems is a white-collar crime. In the end, these individuals steal information or intellectual property. They also violate the privacy of other internet users.

  • Credit Card Fraud/Identity Theft

Other white-collar crimes involve stealing the credit card details of another person and posing as them to make purchases. The credit card thief has to also steal the identity of the card owner before they can make any meaningful use of it. An identity thief can face criminal charges according to the law and will need assistance from a white collar crimes law firm in Fort Worth.

  • Phone and Telemarketing Fraud

Social engineering is one of the oldest white-collar crimes. It usually covers any scheme used by another person to gain the trust of a target. The gained trust is then abused for financial gain. In the digital era, this is mostly executed via phone or in the form of telemarketing. A typical example is when a criminal poses as a bank agent to gain the account details of a victim.

  • Bank Fraud/ Check Fraud

A lot of people provide false information to banks in order to gain financial support. In the process, they hide assets to be able to file for bankruptcy to escape paying back some money they owe others. They also use false identities that they discard after doing what they want to do.

This describes the use of one or several financial transactions to hide the origin or destination of illegal funds.

  • Health Care Fraud/Medicaid Fraud

  • Tax Evasion/Tax Fraud

  • Insurance Fraud

  • Securities Fraud

  • Mortgage Fraud

Anyone facing charges for any of the crimes mentioned above should contact a criminal defense attorney immediately. These are experts who understand white-collar crimes and can help put up a solid defense.

Sparks Law Firm has super lawyers to handle white-collar cases. Schedule a free consultation with any of our white-collar crime lawyers in Southlake, TX.

Punishment For White Collar Crime in Fort Worth, TX

The punishment for a white-collar crime is determined by the amount of money stolen. Criminal defense for such cases will try to minimize the punishment as much as possible. Some white-collar crime lawyers can even get the prosecution to drop the case with a deal. This is why a white-collar crime lawyer is the first person to call when facing such charges.

Below are white-collar crimes and how their punishments are classified:

  • Amount Stolen: Between $2,500 and $30,000 Degree: State Jail Punishment: 180 days to two years with a maximum $10,000 fine

  • Amount Stolen: Between $30,000 and $150,000 Degree: Third Punishment: Two to 10 years prison sentence and a fine of up to $10,000

  • Amount Stolen: Between $150,000 and $300,000 Degree: Second Punishment: Two to 20 years jail time and a fine of up to $10,000

  • Amount Stolen: $300,000 or more Degree: First Punishment: Five to 99 years prison time and a fine of up to $10,000

White-collar crime lawyers practice law to help protect people facing these accusations. Federal crimes carry serious penalties, and one needs only the best representation.

Call Sparks Law to schedule a free consultation with a criminal defense attorney in Fort Worth, TX.

Hiring Expert Criminal Defense Lawyers in Southlake, TX

Hiring Expert Criminal Defense Lawyers in Southlake, TX

Sparks Law has outstanding lawyers to handle white-collar crime cases in Southlake, TX. Over the past couple of years, they have represented and successfully defended people in several white-collar criminal cases, offering free consultation for clients.

The law firm was started by Justin Sparks. He is an experienced trial attorney who spent his early years as a lawyer serving Southlake, Fort Worth, TX, and other parts of Texas at the Tarrant County District Attorney's Office.

Justin established Sparks Law in 2015 to focus on criminal defense. The law firm in Fort Worth, TX, covers all criminal practice areas such as felony offenses, criminal charges, etc.

It has received many awards and recognition in Fort Worth, TX, and in other parts of the country. Call us at (817) 381-7846 for a free consultation with a white-collar crime attorney in Southlake, TX.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About White-Collar Crimes

Can a Person be charged for a white-collar crime in the company they work for?

In an investigation, personnel can be held liable too. A corporate entity is an accumulation of human activities. Even as the financial institution faces charges, the board members, workers, shareholders, and executives involved in the fraud can also face prosecution. A person who is part of a company under investigation should contact a white-collar crime attorney immediately. Such a person should call Sparks Law for a free consultation with an experienced lawyer in Southlake, TX.

What is the best thing to do during a white-collar crime investigation?

As soon as a person is contacted by prosecutors from any federal institution about white-collar crimes, they should immediately do the following:

  1. Get legal representation.

  2. Refuse to provide any information without legal counsel.

  3. Advise employees or coworkers to follow steps one and two.

Schedule a free consultation with Sparks Law and talk to experienced lawyers in Fort Worth, TX.

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Call Sparks Law Firm at (817) 381-7846 to schedule a free consultation with an experienced attorney. Our white-collar crime lawyers have been serving Southlake, TX, and other parts of Texas for many years.


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