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Looking for a Southlake, TX, Drug Crimes Lawyer? | Professionals Who Practice Law

If someone has recently been arrested for a crime that occurred in Southlake, TX, they are dealing with a serious problem that needs the attention of a skilled and determined team of criminal defense lawyers that will fight for their freedom, rights, and good name.

They may be facing a DWI arrest or other misdemeanor or criminal charge if they are a first-time offender in Southlake, TX. Being detained by a Southlake police officer for a crime one did not commit is a terrifying situation. Next, what should the person do? What can they expect after being released on bail from jail?

Are these individuals compelled to appear in a Tarrant County court, or do they have to attend court in Southlake, TX? This article will help such individuals find the answers to these questions.

In case an individual is reading this or someone close to them is being investigated for a crime in Southlake, TX, they should hire a criminal defense lawyer and become familiar with the criminal justice process to ensure that they are treated fairly.

Here are a couple of the common queries individuals in such circumstances may have.

The Offense Level of Criminal Defense Drug Cases Are Extremely Varied

The Offense Level of Criminal Defense Drug Cases Are Extremely Varied

Details and context are very important when discussing drug charges and potential penalties in Southlake, TX. Possession of marijuana alone can result in charges ranging from a Class B misdemeanor, which includes a maximum sentence of 180 days in county jail and/or a fine of up to $2,000, to a first-degree felony, which involves a potential prison sentence.

A controlled substance possession might also vary greatly. This is why an individual must have a qualified criminal defense attorney on their side to support them and conduct independent research on their drug crime offenses.

The Key to a Good Defense for TX Drug Crime Lawyers Serving Southlake, TX

Additionally, as soon as possible, victims should write a detailed statement of what happened (including all circumstances leading up to their arrest). They should see if they have any potential witnesses who could support them in court.

If they do, they should get the person's contact details and ask them to create a short statement. Whether the legal issues include meth or another illegal drug, they can come in handy if the individual decides to go to trial.

Both drug possession trial issues and evidence suppression issues might arise in drug charges trials. In order to decide whether it is better to plead or try a case, an experienced criminal defense attorney takes the time to go over all these aspects in depth with the client when they hire him/her at Sparks Law Firm.

Furthermore, if the client's plea deal includes a "straight probation offer," they will be found guilty without a jury trial in Southlake, TX and their license may be suspended as well. If this is the case, the client might not lose anything by trying their case.

Fighting for Clients Like Family at Sparks' Law Offices

Clients won't be treated like "just another client" or like a file number at Sparks Law Firm. The firm's reputation is a result of loyal relationships with clients as well as its experience and legal expertise. A client joins the family when their case is taken, and in this family, the firm believes in second chances.

The drug crime lawyers of Sparks Law Firm have successfully defended clients against a wide range of criminal charges in Southlake, TX, including:

  • Drunk driving

  • State and federal drug charges

  • Violent crimes, including assault, battery, and domestic violence

  • Weapons offenses

  • Federal criminal charges

  • White collar crimes

  • Juvenile charges

Drug Crimes Defense Strategies for a Criminal Defense Lawyer Serving Southlake, TX

Super lawyers will carry out a thorough investigation, look for any flaws in the prosecution's case, and work to achieve the best result. A criminal defense lawyer is aware that drug crime cases could include addiction issues at their core.

When alternatives to incarceration exist, the team assists people in pursuing them. One such alternative is treatment. The ultimate objective is to assist individuals in resolving their issues so they can continue living their lives to the fullest.

Were the Drug Offenses Investigation and Arrest Handled Properly?

A police officer cannot just search a person's car after pulling them over. Essentially, a plausible cause must exist. The police officer must have a good reason for searching the vehicle. Such a police officer might have violated an individual's Fourth Amendment rights if they lacked reasonable cause.

This might result in the evidence being rejected or the dismissal of the individual's entire criminal defense case in Southlake, TX.

Why Choose the Sparks Law Firm?

While many possession arrests result from traffic stops, others can happen following a police investigation. The outstanding lawyers at Sparks Law Firm are aware of the proper procedures for conducting investigations in Southlake, TX. When a search and seizure has been conducted improperly, a Fort Worth drug crime lawyer can tell.

Guidance from a Criminal Defense Lawyer Serving Southlake, TX

If someone is trying to find an experienced criminal defense lawyer to represent them in a criminal law case, they should look at Sparks Law Firm. Every phase of each client's case receives dedicated and sympathetic legal support from Spark's drug crime lawyers.

These Southlake criminal lawyers can assist clients in achieving the best outcome for their case because they are knowledgeable about the laws governing restricted substances and prescription drug criminal offenses in Southlake, TX.

Driven to Limit the Impact a Conviction Has on Your Future

Driven to Limit the Impact a Conviction Has on Your Future

An individual's possibilities for higher education, a job, and housing may be significantly impacted by a misdemeanor or felony drug conviction on their criminal record.

When they hire a criminal defense lawyer at Sparks Law Firm, the attorneys move quickly to defend the client's rights and future in Southlake, TX. These attorneys also have a proven track record of success in dealing with drug crime cases.

Charges That the Sparks Law Firm Defends

The criminal defense lawyers serving Southlake, TX, will advocate for defendants facing charges that include:

  • Marijuana possession

  • Drug sales or distribution

  • Drug trafficking

  • Possession of paraphernalia

What Are the Consequences?

People who are found guilty of drug possession, sale, or delivery in Texas risk going to prison. In addition to a potential $2,000 fine, the maximum sentence for having a minor amount of marijuana is 180 days in jail. It is illegal to deliver marijuana to a minor who is a student.

If a person is found guilty of drug delivery in a drug-free area, the penalties are doubled. Limiting the negative effects these charges may have on a person's life requires the expertise of a criminal defense lawyer serving Southlake, TX.

Other Southlake Practice Areas

Tap Into the Knowledge of Experienced Drug Crime Lawyers Serving Southlake, TX | Contact the Sparks Law Office

Clients of Sparks Law Firm are located in Northeast Texas, particularly in the counties of Collin, Dallas Fort Worth, and Denton. Persons going through such allegations should call the experienced drug crime lawyers of Sparks Law Firm at 817-381-7846 to set up a free consultation regarding their case in Southlake, TX.


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