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The Reliable Southlake, TX, Criminal Defense Lawyer Offenders Need

Everyone is entitled to legal representation regardless of the crime they have committed. Therefore, accused parties should always rely on criminal defense lawyers to understand the legal process, protect their rights, and reduce or dismiss charges.

Southlake criminal defense attorneys represent and defend the accused, going to great lengths to guarantee their freedom and future stability.

A Criminal Defense Attorney Can Protect the Accused's Rights and Future

A Criminal Defense Attorney Can Protect the Accused's Rights and Future

Texas criminal law is tough. However, Southlake criminal lawyers understand the legal process and are concerned about the serious consequences criminal charges can have on people's professional, social, and family lives.

Under Texas law, any conviction can result in penalties, such as restitution fines, probation, and jail time. However, reliable criminal defense attorneys defend the accused to protect their future and reputation, avoiding damages that can permanently harm their well-being.

In Southlake, TX, criminal defense lawyers work hard to dismiss or reduce charges against their clients, no matter how challenging their situation is. They also strive to keep their records clean to avoid misdemeanor or felony criminal conviction's negative effects on their lives and opportunities.

Experienced criminal case attorneys recognize that people can find themselves in unfortunate situations or make poor decisions. Therefore, they guide defendants through the criminal justice process to increase the chances of preserving their rights.

Cases That Sparks Law Firm Handle in Southlake, TX

Sparks Law Firm has a group of criminal defense attorneys in Southlake, Texas, with experience in several practice areas, including:

  • Crimes against justice

  • Crimes involving children

  • Drug crimes


  • Federal crimes

  • Firearm crimes

  • Violent crimes

  • Juvenile crimes

  • Theft crimes

  • White collar crimes

Crimes Against Justice

Evading arrest carries a harsher punishment than the crime per se. However, experts working at this law office analyze all the options at hand for challenging criminal cases' prosecution and collecting evidence to preserve the liberties of the accused who tried to flee justice.

Crimes Involving Minors

Under Texas law, these crimes occur when a person abandons a minor, intentionally exposes them to unreasonable risk, or negligently places children under 15 in danger of death or injury.

Skilled criminal defense attorneys know that jurists, judges, and the general public are unsympathetic to individuals facing crimes involving minors. In response, they exhaust all legal remedies to mount a strong defense and clear the accused's name.

Drug Possession or Crimes

A drug crime can have permanent effects on the lives of the accused. If convicted, the person charged with drug possession may lose the chance to find a job, get a scholarship, get a loan, and even buy or rent a home.

Additionally, Texas has strict drug laws and imposes tough penalties on offenders. However, the best criminal defense lawyer in Fort Worth knows and studies all the available alternatives to avoid imprisonment and expunge charges after probation.


Sparks Law Firm's attorneys also understand the consequences a person may face if considered too drunk while driving and is charged with DUI or DWI.

Therefore, our group of specialized lawyers handles all the case's criminal aspects. Skilled DWI and DUI attorneys assist offenders in avoiding the maximum penalty and minimizing the repercussions of probation violations.

Federal Crimes

Individuals who take an action considered illegal by the United States government can face charges for federal crimes, even if the offenses are not committed within the country.

A person indicted for a federal crime in the Southlake area may face an extensive judicial process and appear before the federal grand jury during court proceedings. In these cases, defendants need the help of a trial attorney with experience in criminal defense cases.

Firearm Crimes

Texas has several laws that regulate firearms. Although most are considered lax, the rights to carry handguns are not unlimited.

Violating gun control laws can carry severe consequences, whether criminal offenses are intentional or reckless. Therefore, this criminal defense law firm can become the best ally of individuals facing charges for unlawful possession of weapons.

Juvenile Crimes

Texas prosecutes individuals as adults if they are 17 years or older, meaning that children aged 10-16 are handled under the juvenile court system if they are charged with a crime.

Being charged with a juvenile offense can be devastating for both the child and their families. However, a criminal defense lawyer can help mitigate the repercussions and negative effects on adolescents' lives.


Under the Texas penal code, any dishonest act to deprive others of their property is considered theft. The criminal offenses that fall into this category carry different convictions and charges, with fines ranging from $500 to $10,000 and up to 99 years in prison.

However, an expert criminal defense attorney analyzes all available options to protect the rights of the accused and avoid maximum sentences.

Violent Crimes

Any intentional, reckless, or purposeful criminal offense against another person may carry assault charges. Texas criminal law imposes severe penalties for people who commit aggravated assault, including threatening others with harm or making offensive or provocative physical contact. This category encompasses domestic violence and sexual assault under certain circumstances.

The maximum penalties for these crimes exceed 20 years in jail and fines of $10,000. Therefore, any individual convicted of aggravated assault in Southlake, TX, should seek help from a criminal defense lawyer.

White Collar Crimes

Nonviolent crimes committed in business settings fall into this category if they involve misrepresentation, deception, and dishonesty for financial purposes.

The most common white-collar crimes include financial fraud, money laundering, securities fraud, or embezzlement. All can be punished with 5-99 years in prison and up to $10,000 in fines. Therefore, anyone facing charges for these types of crimes should seek legal assistance from an experienced criminal defense attorney.

What Should a Person Facing Criminal Charges Do?

While some people can refuse legal representation, hiring criminal defense lawyers can help offenders have a brighter future and defend their rights to avoid the dire penalties, including the death penalty, that Texas law imposes on criminal cases. Even those who proceed pro se and prepare the defense on their own need a lawyer to get advice and know all the legal process phases.

Being charged with a felony is scary. However, people can rely on criminal defense attorneys who handle court proceedings to help defendants increase their chances of having a favorable outcome. Therefore, the first step an individual facing criminal charges should do is to seek out a qualified criminal defense attorney working for reputable law offices to build a strong defense and avoid the maximum penalties for poor decisions or mistakes.

What Can Criminal Defense Lawyers Do?

Criminal defense lawyers can help first-offenders or people who have been charged before, whether their case is complex or straightforward. Experts take action on behalf of their clients to ensure their legal rights are protected and take care of the legal procedures. At law offices across Southlake, TX, criminal defense attorneys handle several tasks related to defending the accused.

Ways a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help a Person Facing Criminal Charges

  • Investigation: They review evidence to find inconsistencies in the prosecution's case, authorities' misconduct, or anything else they can use for defense.

  • Negotiation: Lawyers also strive to reduce or dismiss charges against their clients.

  • Counseling: Criminal defense experts help defendants understand the legal procedures and their future repercussions.

  • Advocation: Criminal defense lawyers also provide legal representation if the case escalates and the offenders must go to court.

Sparks Law Firm Is Ready to Fight People's Criminal Charges

People facing criminal charges can find reliable experts at Sparks Law Firm. All our law offices have criminal defense lawyers who work hard to help offenders deal with the legal consequences of their actions, whether they have been driven by mistakes or poor decisions.

Each criminal lawyer working at Sparks Law Firm has a proven track record in various criminal defense cases and provides a free consultation to know the offenders' story, thus getting everything they need to build a solid defense.

Why Choose Sparks Law Firm's Criminal Defense Attorneys

Why Choose Sparks Law Firm's Criminal Defense Attorneys

Sparks Law Firm's Southlake criminal defense attorneys have over 100 years of combined experience in criminal defense cases. Also, all the lawyers in this law school have been trial tested and were all former prosecutors, meaning that they know how to deal with cases that escalate and go to court.

All Southlake criminal defense lawyers working at this law office understand how difficult it can be for a person to carry a criminal record and recognize the hard work involved in building a defense. Therefore, they have prepared themselves to help the accused fight for their rights.

Sparks Law Firm has a highly skilled team of specialists who treat offenders with respect and strive to help them get the relief they need. Also, it always ensures that each client has two attorneys by their side to build the defense and fight the case in Southlake, TX.

Other Southlake Practice Areas

Contact Sparks Law Firm and Get a Free Consultation in Southlake, TX

Anyone facing criminal charges can contact Sparks Law Firm's attorneys at (817) 381-7846, get a free consultation in Southlake, TX, and build a strong defense.


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