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Hire a Southlake, TX, Federal Crimes Lawyer Today | Free Consultation

It seems like individuals are getting punished for being successful. Such individuals put a lot of effort into developing their company. They have positively impacted their neighborhood and the lives of their clients and staff. These individuals never intended to commit a crime. Because of them, their vendors and employees have jobs. To ensure that everyone else benefits, they pay hefty taxes.

Then, suddenly the federal government appears, putting all of their accomplishments in danger. Is it true that the government is punishing these people for being more successful than others? It seems like it. Therefore, Sparks Law Firm has assembled the A-Team of White Collar Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers. Clients can call the law offices for a free consultation today!

The skilled Southlake criminal defense attorneys and trial lawyers at Sparks Law Firm have decades of combined expertise representing both private individuals and large corporations in high-stakes federal criminal offenses and associated matters such as personal injury law.

Furthermore, the federal criminal defense attorneys serving Southlake, TX, have handled tens of thousands of criminal law cases and criminal charges in federal court. They have assisted the vast majority of their clients in obtaining favorable outcomes before trial. Therefore, if a client would like to have a free consultation with one of the lawyers to discuss their case, they should call now!

Are Federal Officials in Southlake, TX, Targeting You?

Are Federal Officials in Southlake, TX, Targeting You?

If federal officials are targeting people for a federal criminal conviction, such individuals must identify the reason(s) for this as soon as they can with the help of a federal crimes law firm in Fort Worth. Even though these victims may believe that they understand the circumstances surrounding their investigation or grand jury summons, they cannot afford to make any mistakes at this time that could endanger their legal rights.

When victims hire an experienced criminal defense attorney or personal injury lawyer at Sparks Law Firm to represent them, these attorneys will act promptly to determine the nature and extent of the claims made against their clients. The criminal defense attorneys serving Southlake, TX, will then develop and carry out a specific defense strategy focused on protecting their clients as completely as possible.

Why Choose Sparks Law Firm's Criminal Defense Lawyers for Litigation Cases in Southlake, TX?

Defending oneself in federal courts vs state courts has significant differences and federal cases can be quite complicated. In order to stay fully informed of the legal concerns impacting Sparks Law Firm's clients, the federal criminal defense attorneys at the law firm devote their whole practice to federal defense.

Developments occur regularly, from U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) efforts to precedent-setting case judgments, and the outstanding lawyers make sure that they are informed of them so that they can address them when representing clients.

Choosing a Criminal Defense Lawyer with Years of Experience

The firm's Southlake, TX, federal criminal attorneys have handled tens of thousands of federal investigations and several federal trials over the course of their extensive careers. Clients will only be represented by senior attorneys if they hire a personal injury attorney as legal representation.

A federal criminal defense attorney serving Southlake, TX, will collaborate to develop a client's defense, and they will fight to defend them against unwarranted consequences in a systematic, proactive, and strategic manner. Such an attorney will guide their clients through the criminal justice process.

Federal Criminal Cases Sparks' Lawyers Handle in Southlake, TX

The firm's skilled federal criminal law and personal injury practice comprises defending both private individuals and businesses against charges of fraud, money laundering, drug trafficking, and other serious white-collar crimes.

Sparks Law Firm represents individuals and organizations from tiny businesses to multinational firms, including business owners, executives, board members, healthcare practitioners, and other licensed professionals.

It also handles issues involving all federal agencies and task forces. While many various claims can be made in federal criminal proceedings under numerous different statutes, some of the more common ones that the federal criminal defense attorneys deal with are as follows:

  • Bank Fraud

  • Healthcare Fraud

  • Insurance Fraud

  • Mail Fraud and Wire Fraud

  • Mortgage Fraud

  • Securities Fraud

  • Intellectual Property Theft

  • Money Laundering

  • Tax Evasion

  • Public Corruption and Bribery

  • Theft of Government Property

  • Drug Possession

Potential Penalties in Federal Criminal Cases

Various federal statutes impose additional punishments on top of the range of criminal law charges and prison sentences established by the Federal Sentencing Guidelines for the majority of crimes. The possible consequences can be severe depending on the specific charge (or charges) involved, which is why victims need the best Southlake criminal lawyers on their side. In a federal criminal prosecution, the following punishments are possible:

Federal Imprisonment

The majority of serious federal offenses receive a minimum sentence of several years in prison. When prosecutors pursue several counts of a criminal offense, defendants are easily at risk of receiving lengthy jail sentences. Various factors might raise the potential prison sentence that is on the table.


In many instances, the best defense techniques focus on obtaining probation as an alternative to a term of jail when penalties cannot be completely avoided.


Statutory fines for both individual and corporate defendants vary, but in every case, the total fines imposed for federal offenses can be significantly more than what most people and businesses can reasonably be expected to pay.

Other Statutory Penalties

Depending on the circumstances, the defendant may also be subject to other statutory penalties. Examples include losing eligibility for DEA or SEC registration as well as Medicare and Medicaid exclusion (in cases of healthcare fraud).

What Is the Difference Between State and Federal Criminal Law Cases?

What Is the Difference Between State and Federal Criminal Law Cases?

There are almost too many differences between a state and federal criminal prosecution to mention them all. Effectively fighting against federal criminal law charges necessitates special expertise with all of the unique factors involved, from the agencies involved to the possible penalties.

The practice at Sparks Law Firm is concentrated on federal criminal law. It is licensed to practice law in North Texas and nearby cities. Many of the attorneys have also worked as federal prosecutors for the federal government where they spent years (and often decades) seeking criminal indictments. As a result, the firm has a thorough understanding of the challenges presented by federal cases and can offer its clients a perspective on their legal issues from the government's point of view.

Other Southlake Practice Areas

Begin Building Your Criminal Law Defense | Hire an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

Essentially, the ideal time for a client to get in touch with Sparks Law Firm is right now if they are currently being investigated for a federal crime or believe they will be soon. In order for them to schedule an initial consultation right now, they should call the law office at 817-381-7846 or send an email for a free consultation. The firm is happy to stand up for its clients, and the super lawyers are ready to assist anyone while they fight their federal criminal charges.


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