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Arlington, TX Criminal Appeals Lawyer - Can the Court Review My Case?

Criminal cases are complex and long, and going through one can be confusing for people. Regardless of that, there's one thing that is clear to everyone, and it's that no one wants to be convicted for crimes they didn't commit.

However, sometimes cases take unfair turns, which leads to people getting unfair settlements. People don't deserve that, so the state gives them the right to file a criminal appeal for their cases. Not many people know they can file an appeal for a court to review their initial settlement, though.

While all criminal defense lawyers should be able to go through an appeal process, it's difficult to know how good attorneys are unless someone gives people a reference to them. People reading this article shouldn't worry about that, though.

The Sparks Law Firm is ready to take all kinds of criminal cases and get its clients the most beneficial settlement they can ask for. This law firm's practice areas include white-collar crimes, firearm crimes, and of course, criminal appeals, so the only thing someone looking forward to reviewing their sentence needs to do is go to its website and schedule a free consultation!

What Is a Criminal Appeal?

What Is a Criminal Appeal?

Criminal appeals consist of a Court of Appeals reviewing the sentence a criminal court issued in the past to see if there are any irregularities with it. Courts of Appeals have a higher authority than criminal courts, so they can order a new trial if they notice a mistake in the initial one.

People can try to appeal their convictions regardless of the nature of their crimes, so this process applies to misdemeanors and felonies alike. Nonetheless, a criminal defense lawyer first needs to take the case to the court of appeals and see if the court accepts it.

Most people ask their criminal defense lawyer to go through a criminal appeal for their case if they think anything needs clarification or if the lawyer considers the law could be interpreted differently.

Appeal processes can also help the convicted if there was a mistake during the trial that directly or indirectly caused the settlement.

Convicts don't need to hire the same attorney that represented them on the trial to fulfill the appeal process, so they can get in touch with another experienced criminal defense attorney if they think the issue was their legal representation.

How to Appeal a Conviction

The first step in a criminal appeal is to hire a criminal appeals lawyer. People should do this as soon as they can since there is a limited time for them to appeal their convictions. After that, criminal lawyers have to file a notice of appeal and send it to the appellate court for it to study it and the case within.

Convicted people also have to file a written brief of what they want the court of appeal to review and reconsider, and that includes any mistakes regarding the due process or anything done by the prosecution or criminal lawyer in the previous trial.

Naturally, the other party in the trial needs to know the convict is filing an appeal, so they also need to write their brief of the case in response to the one the convicted is filing.

The Court of Appeals won't ask any witnesses or lawyers to state anything to them since the only thing it does is study both arguments and analyze if there was any mistake during the trial. If the court considers there was a mistake, it may order a new trial and send both parties the reason for its decision.

Can Any Criminal Defense Lawyer Help Me with My Criminal Appeal?

Technically, any criminal defense lawyer could help convicts start their appeal process, but that doesn't mean they have to hire the first Arlington criminal defense lawyers they find online. Criminal law can be tricky, so it's best to rely on someone experienced in the matter.

All criminal defense attorneys from a Fort Worth criminal appeals law firm can specialize or focus on different types of cases or crimes, and that means many of them are experienced and focus on making criminal appeals, too. Arlington criminal lawyers from the Sparks Law Firm have several lawyers that are more than experienced in dealing with these cases.

Hiring an attorney from this law office means hiring an attorney that worries about the client's wellbeing and explains everything they need to know about the legal process to them. Therefore, convicts can understand what's behind their criminal charges and how to defend themselves from them.

How to Find Criminal Defense Lawyers for Criminal Appeals

How to Find Criminal Defense Lawyers for Criminal Appeals - Find the Best Criminal Defense Law Firm

After reading about the importance of having a good lawyer, many people wonder how to find an experienced and qualified attorney. The best way to do it is by getting a reference from another person.

Regardless of that, people in Arlington, TX, don't need to worry about that since they can always hire the Sparks Law Firm. This law firm can take domestic violence, family law, criminal appeals, and many other kinds of criminal cases, so it's the must-go option when it comes to defending from criminal charges.

Other Arlington Practice Areas

Wrapping Up - Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney from the Sparks Law Firm!

Starting a criminal appeal process is something that gives hope to convicts that were unfairly judged in the past since it allows having a fair settlement. Many people don't trust the criminal justice system due to people being unfairly arrested and convicted, and getting an appeal is the best way to get justice for those people.

However, the only way to benefit from a criminal appeal is by doing it in the best way possible and convincing the Court of Appeals that there was a reasonable mistake in the initial trial.

Only an experienced and qualified lawyer can do this, and people can hire that lawyer from the Sparks Law Firm. The only thing clients need to do is go to its website and schedule a free case consultation. After that, this law firm's attorneys are going to guide them throughout the legal process.

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