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The Arlington, TX Drug Crimes Lawyer to Call When You're in Trouble

Drug offenses can land any person in jail when they're in Texas. This is why having the right criminal defense attorney is important because they will be able to help in these situations. Texas takes a harsh stand on drug crimes, which means that, if the defendant has been caught for the first time and has many drugs in their possession, they may end up serving jail time. However, for people to get the best results, they should speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney to help them get the right help they need.

That is why Sparks Law Firm is here, because they are always ready to help those who need it.

Every Case Is Different

Every Case Is Different

Every criminal defense law firm will understand that a drug possession charge is different in accordance with each case. No two cases are the same, so the criminal lawyers will be able to tell the defendant what they can help them with. It is essential to understand what a drug offense is. In Arlington, TX, you can connect with a Fort Worth drug possession lawyer to talk through the different charges that could be laid depending on the circumstances:

  • Amphetamine or drug possession.

  • Paraphernalia.

  • Prescription drug fraud.

  • Drug distribution.

  • Manufacturing drugs.

  • Driving under the influence.

With so many drug charges that fall under criminal law, the criminal defense needs to be prepared to understand everything about this case. Hence, the client has a better chance of getting a positive result.

In Arlington, TX, the law is varied regarding drug possession, so the criminal defense may be able to get the client's case reduced, reclassified, or dismissed. However, this can only happen with a professional and knowledgeable law firm.

A Little Bit More About Drug Crimes

Since there is a wide variety of drug crimes in the law, it is helpful to understand what some of them mean.

  1. Drug Possession: If the client has an illicit substance in their home, in their car, or on their person, then this would be classed as a drug possession charge in Arlington, TX.

  2. Drug Use: When a defendant is using either prescription medication or an illicit drug to abuse it, they may be arrested. Also, people can be charged with drug use if a blood test is run and it has come up in the test without someone seeing them take the drug itself.

  3. Drug Distribution: If the defendant passed an illegal drug to another person or left it at a location, this would be classed as drug trafficking.

  4. Drug Sales: When someone sells drugs for money, then they are committing a serious drug crime. Additionally, if they sell drugs and receive other favors instead of money, they are still committing the crime.

There are more drug crimes that Arlington drug crime lawyers will be able to help explain to the defendant.

What Kind of Punishments Could Happen with a Drug Crime?

Since there is a large crackdown on drug crime in Texas, the punishment may be severe. However, the right criminal defense lawyer will be able to help the defendant try to receive a minor sentence.

Some of the punishments if convicted of a drug crime include:

  • Jail time. This could be either a year or up to life in prison.

  • Community service.

  • High fines go up to $10,000.

  • Loss of employment.

  • A permanent criminal record.

  • Being registered on a criminal offenders list.

All of the previously mentioned punishments are severe, which is why people speak with Arlington criminal lawyers right away because they will be able to help reduce the defendant's punishment.

Does a Drug Charge Affect Family Law?

People might be surprised to find out that their drug charge will affect them where family law is concerned. If the defendant is going through a divorce, and the custody of any children need to be decided, then a previous drug possession charge would come into evidence.

This is because the judge needs to decide where the best place is for the child to live. They need to be safe, and the other party will do anything to ensure they receive full custody. Also, it is normal to go through a police background check during these situations in family law. A drug charge would be flagged, and it will be used against the defendant.

However, this does not mean that the judge will completely rule in favor of the other person. Depending on the drug charge, how serious it was, and the defendant's most recent behavior, they may still have a fight chance. The judge looks at the defendant's current behavior and how they behaved with the child.

Which Drugs are Illegal In Texas?

A drug charge can happen with either illegal or legal drugs. If a person is using illegal drugs, then that is a problem. However, if the person is in possession of legal drugs illegally, that can also be a problem for the defendant. With so many hoops to jump through, it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to understand what they can or can't do.

In Texas, all drugs are in different categories. These categories are sorted out by addictiveness and how relative it is for medical use. Drugs like meth, heroin, cocaine, and hydrocodone are some of the most seriously classed drugs under Texas law. Some of the less severe drugs are ecstasy, marijuana, and PCP. The following is a list of illegal drugs in Texas:

  • Bath Salts.

  • Cannabis.

  • Cocaine.

  • Ecstacy.

  • GHB.

  • Hashish.

  • Heroin.

  • Ketamine.

  • Krokodil.

  • LSD.

  • Marijuana.

  • MDMA.

  • Mescaline.

  • Opium.

  • PCP.

  • Rohypnol.

  • Speed.

  • Spice.

Drug Charge Examples

Marijuana Charges

Marijuana possession charges depend on the amount of it in possession of the defendant. People can be charged with a Class B misdemeanor and may be in jail for 180 days or fined up to $2,000. However, this is only if they have less than two ounces in their possession. If they had more than 2,000 pounds in their possession, they may end up in prison for life and have to pay back a fine of $50,000.

Cocaine Charges

Since cocaine is classed as a harder drug, the defendant could go to jail for up to two years and pay a $10,000 fine for less than one gram of cocaine. However, if they have more than 200 grams, they could end up in prison for life.

Many People are Caught Through a Search

Many law offices have seen that people get caught with drugs and charged during a stop and search. This may be a random stop, or the police have been called to stop a car moving suspiciously throughout the city. When they stop a person, they may already have sniffer dogs ready to see if the person does have any drugs on them. However, many people are unaware that they do not need to consent to a search when an officer asks them.

When the police stop someone, they do not need to consent to a drug search because there is no search warrant. They have every right not to agree to the search. Also, they are allowed not to say anything until they contact a law firm and speak with a criminal defense attorney. One of the biggest mistakes people make is agreeing to a search or speaking with the police. Instead, people should wait for their legal counsel because they say anything.

Sparks Law Firm Is the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer

Sparks Law Firm Is the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer

The team at Sparks Law Firm is prepared to help everyone who walks through their door. This is because they understand that criminal offenses will greatly impact a person's life, so they want to help those who need it. In Arlington, TX, people need a law firm they can trust with their case. The team at Sparks Law Firm has been practicing law for several years, making it an excellent place for people to go when they need help with their drug crime.

Also, the team does not just specialize in drug crimes but can also help with a personal injury or a domestic violence case. The team is always ready to speak with people, which is why they offer a free consultation to those looking to see if this is the right step for them.

Additionally, if the defendant did go with this Arlington, TX law firm, they will be pleasantly surprised that they will be treated with respect throughout their entire case. They will also always be informed about everything happening because they understand that no one likes to be in the dark regarding their situation. While completing all the necessary paperwork and preparing for court, the criminal attorneys will ensure that the defendant is always in the know.

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Anyone who needs an Arlington, TX drum crime lawyer, then they should call Sparks Law Firm. They offer a free consultation that people can use to see how the team can help them. Also, they do not just focus on crimes with drugs, but they are also experts in a personal injury case.

Either way, Sparks Law Firm is the group that people trust when it comes to their cases in Arlington, TX.


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