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Arlington, TX White Collar Crimes Lawyer - What to Do When Facing White Collar Offenses

White-collar cases are not as common as others, such as burglary, murder, or unlawful possession of firearms, and the reason for that is white-collar crimes are often more complex and need several conditions to be met. Therefore, not many people know what those crimes imply.

Nonetheless, white-collar crimes happen worldwide, and Arlington, TX is not an exception for that, so there are several white-collar crime lawyers in the city to address the situations in the best way they can. The problem with that is not all lawyers are as good as they claim to be.

People accused of committing white-collar crimes need an experienced criminal defense attorney if they want to win the case. Anyone reading this looking for white-collar crime lawyers landed on the right page since the Sparks Law Firm is always available to help them get a non-guilty verdict.

This criminal defense law firm works in Arlington, TX, so clients can either contact it through its website or go directly to its law offices in the city. Anyone can get a free consultation of its cases by calling it, so they shouldn't hesitate to do it!

Can Anyone Commit a White-Collar Crime?

Can Anyone Commit a White-Collar Crime?

Yes, anyone could commit white-collar crimes and be prosecuted for them. People often think white-collar crimes only involve offenses made by government personalities or entities, but these crimes include a way wider range than just politicians or people related to the government.

White-collar crimes, in a nutshell, are non-violent crimes committed by business and government professionals looking to get financial revenue. Thus, things such as corporate fraud and money laundering are also included in this definition, and anyone doing those things could face criminal charges regardless of who they are.

These are some examples of the most common white-collar crimes in the country:

  • Corporate fraud

  • Extortion

  • Tax evasion

  • Money laundering

  • Counterfeiting

  • Identity theft

  • Cybercrimes

  • Tax fraud

  • Insurance fraud

  • Insider trading

  • Bank fraud

There are other white-collar crimes, and some of them are related to other offenses, but people can always ask the criminal defense law firm they trust the most if something they are doing is a white-collar crime. Selecting the best Fort Worth white collar crimes attorney is a major part of this process.

Are White Collar Crimes Prosecuted?

These crimes are prosecuted as any other criminal offense in a court of law, but it's more common for federal courts to take these cases since they often cross state lines, so it's easier for federal entities to address them.

However, state criminal laws can also address white-collar crimes. One of the most important things to understand about these crimes is that their punishment and legal process depend on the nature of the crime and the amount of money the defendant gained by committing it.

White-collar crimes are mostly felonies, but some of them can be addressed as second-grade misdemeanors depending on the nature of the case. Regardless of that, these crimes are serious, so people without a decent criminal defense lawyer can get into an ordeal when dealing with them.

Overall, white collar-crime lawyers working for the Sparks Law Firm are certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, so clients shouldn't expect anything less than the best from them. These criminal defense attorneys are experts when it comes to money laundering, credit card fraud, or any other white-collar offense.

How Much Jail-Time Can People Get for White Collar Crimes?

As mentioned before, white-collar crimes are serious offenses, and if the defendant's criminal defense lawyer fails to win the case, the punishment for those crimes is not going to be light. When these cases are addressed as misdemeanors, they often represent one year in jail.

However, it's not common for white-collar crimes to be considered misdemeanors, so most of them are felonies. When dealing with third-degree felonies, the jail time the defendant is going to get won't be higher than five years in prison, but that number goes to 15 if it's a second-degree felony.

It's difficult for people to know if what they are doing is a misdemeanor or a felony by themselves, so they can always ask a lawyer to guide them and explain everything to them.

Can Criminal Defense Lawyers Take White Collar Crimes?

Can Criminal Defense Lawyers Take White Collar Crimes?

While most white-collar crimes are taken to federal courts of law for Federal law offices to deal with them, there's no reason why criminal defense lawyers in Arlington, TX, shouldn't be able to take them. Despite that, many people think white-collar lawyers from state law firms can't take these cases.

However, since white-collar crimes are different from any other offense in the country, it's best for people accused of committing them to hire white-collar crime lawyers who are experienced and qualified to take them and win them.

Anyone struggling to find a decent criminal defense attorney for their case can always trust the Sparks Law Firm to represent them on criminal trials and get the best verdict they can from them. This law firm doesn't only take white-collar crime cases, so people can always ask it to address domestic violence cases, firearm crimes, and criminal appeals.

Getting the best criminal defense lawyer one can find is essential to winning the case, so investing in worth-hiring lawyers is what helps clients avoid jail time. The Sparks Law Firm offers free consultation of their clients' cases.

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Bottom Line - Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney Now!

Despite white-collar crimes not being as common as others, it's still an offense people need to know how to defend from, and the best way to do it is by having white-collar crime lawyers hired as soon as possible. The Sparks Law Firm is there to help anyone in need of criminal defense assistance.

One of the most complex parts of going through a criminal defense law process is that it's easy to get lost while doing so, and all the paperwork needed for the matter only makes it worse. Clients don't need to worry about being overwhelmed by that since this law office is more than ready to do everything for them.

The Sparks Law Firm has the criminal lawyers its clients need to win their cases and forget about any legal trouble in the future, so no one should wait to call it now!


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