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Looking for an Arlington TX Criminal Defense Lawyer?

If a loved one has been charged with a crime, it is critical that they seek the advice of a skilled criminal defense lawyer in Arlington, TX. Prosecutors will pursue the maximum penalties for every offense, risking the victim's freedom and future.

Sparks Law Firm has many years of expertise fighting for the rights of the accused. Following an arrest, this team of experienced legal professionals can assist clients in understanding their rights, weighing their alternatives, and formulating a strategy.

The stress of awaiting criminal charges can be extremely stressful. As a result, clients will probably be anxious and have a lot of questions about the road ahead.

Although dealing with an intimidating court system and the possibility of jail time is the last thing a client wants to do, they should prepare for the worst-case scenario. The criminal defense lawyers at Sparks Law Firm can explore the many alternatives that a client has when it comes to legal methods and probable case outcomes.

What Proof Is Needed to Charge Someone with a Crime?

What Proof Is Needed to Charge Someone with a Crime?

Police must first establish probable cause before making an arrest. This entails a length of time spent looking into the crime that was committed. They'll probably start gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses right away. Following the collection of substantial proof, law enforcement will make recommendations to the prosecutor on criminal charges.

What Is Probable Cause?

Law enforcement must first establish probable cause before detaining someone accused of committing a crime. This includes the officer's ability to search a person's property. Before they can get a search warrant or conduct an arrest, they must first prove probable cause.

What Is a Felony Charge in Texas?

In Texas, a felony charge is the most serious charge someone can face. There are several types of felonies, with penalties ranging from 180 days to life in prison. Other penalties could include a fine of up to $10,000 and community service.

What Are the Different Levels of Crime?

Felony - These are the most serious offenses with the worst penalties.

Misdemeanor - A misdemeanor is a less serious offense than a felony. These charges carry a sentence of less than a year in prison.

Infractions - These offenses usually do not result in a jail sentence. In most cases, an offense comes with a fee that can be paid without having to go to court. Speeding and parking in a no-parking zone are examples of infractions.

What Are the Most Common Reasons Criminal Charges Are Dismissed?

Everyone hopes that if they are charged with a crime, the charges will be dropped or dismissed. A prosecutor may drop charges against someone for a variety of reasons, including:

  • A criminal charge is not warranted because there is insufficient evidence.

  • Without a search warrant, the police searched the person's property, rendering any evidence found inadmissible in court.

  • Without probable cause, the subject was arrested or stopped over by law enforcement.

When Should I Contact an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney?

It might be frightening to face criminal charges. Clients usually want to work with an Arlington criminal defense lawyer who has handled similar cases in the past. They will get some assistance navigating the legal system if they hire an attorney right away.

How Long Can You Be Kept in Jail without Being Charged?

In Texas, prosecutors can hold someone in jail for up to 90 days before formally indicting them in front of a grand jury. If the indictment is upheld, the case will go to court for a trial.

Should You Hire a Private Criminal Defense Attorney over a Public Defender?

Although a public defender is chosen by the court system and provides legal services for free, it is not always advisable for an individual to hire one. If someone has been charged with a serious offense, they'll almost certainly want to consult with a private criminal defense lawyer.

Even though public defenders do not charge for their services, they are overburdened with cases and have very little time to devote to each one. Private criminal defense lawyers and their legal team should be able to devote the time necessary to a client's case.

Why Should You Hire Arlington Criminal Lawyers?

A criminal charge should never be taken lightly, regardless of the circumstances. Therefore, a conviction might have severe repercussions for a person's future, with fines, jail, and probation all being options. It's also likely that the person will end up with a lifelong criminal record, which will have long-term ramifications for them and their loved ones. Every precaution should be taken including hiring a criminal attorney in Fort Worth.

Top Defense Lawyers in Arlington, TX

Sparks Law Firm's personal injury lawyers in Arlington, TX are well-versed in the Texas legal system and know how to help clients maximize their chances of victory. This knowledge is based on years of courtroom experience, long-standing connections with judges and prosecutors in the criminal justice system, and years of researching case law and statutes in the following practice areas:

  • Assault


  • Dangerous driving

  • Offenses involving hit-and-run traffic

  • Offenses related to drugs

  • Criminal offenses

  • Identity theft

  • Internet crimes

  • Domestic violence

  • Sexual assault

  • White-collar crimes

  • Prostitution

  • Theft

  • Indecent exposure

Essentially, this knowledge and experience will be put to good use in the fight for a client's rights, freedom, and future. When a client contacts Spark's criminal law attorneys, the attorneys will explain the choices available and work diligently to develop a compelling defense in the client's favor.

What Happens After a Crime?

In most criminal instances, the first step is for a person to speak with the police. When challenged by the authorities, most people want to try to explain their side of the story. This is often the worst thing someone can do. It's unlikely that they'll be able to persuade officers not to get arrested.

The police are rarely interested in hearing someone's side of the story unless it already supports the officer's version of events. If a person speaks to the police, they are merely providing the police with more opportunities to obtain evidence against them.

Attorneys always tell their clients not to speak to the cops unless they have an attorney with them. The decision of whether or not to talk with the police is an important and difficult one, and a client should discuss it with their attorney before doing so.

Furthermore, the timeline of events is the second problem that arises in criminal defense cases. The criminal justice system takes a long time to react. Throughout the proceedings, clients will be required to appear in court on several occasions, and they must attend each one. They will also have to go to trial if the criminal attorneys cannot reach an acceptable plea agreement with the district attorney.

What Can Arlington Criminal Defense Lawyers Do for You?

When a client is developing their case, an Arlington, TX criminal lawyer may take a variety of steps to prove a client's innocence, such as obtaining supporting evidence or reviewing evidence obtained by law enforcement. They may be able to have the charges dropped in criminal court or negotiate a plea to a lesser charge if such evidence was improperly obtained or if there is insufficient evidence to sustain the allegations.

Seeking the Best Possible Outcome

Seeking the Best Possible Outcome

The ultimate purpose of defending a criminal charge is to get it dismissed or to be found not guilty (as discussed above). That's a given, and a criminal offense attorney at Sparks Law Firm will pursue those results in any way possible.

Those results, on the other hand, aren't always attainable. Therefore, what does this imply for the accused? Is this a guarantee that they'll end up in jail or prison? Certainly not.

By bargaining with prosecutors, a legal counsel can pursue intermediate options. They may be able to have a client's charge reduced to something less serious, resulting in less jail time and lower financial fines.

They may be able to pursue one of several deferred adjudication alternatives, in which the accused is placed on probation or forced to participate in a drug treatment or similar program in order to avoid facing criminal charges.

Every Prospective Client that Calls Has Three Primary Goals:

  1. Stay out of jail and avoid a prison or jail sentence.

  2. They must not be convicted of a felony or have a final conviction on their record.

  3. Resolve the criminal case in such a way that the arrest and charge are expunged from their record.

When looking for an Arlington criminal attorney, every citizen of Arlington, TX charged with a crime should make these their top priorities. Whether they are charged with a federal crime or misdemeanors in Arlington, such as DWI, shoplifting, or aggravated assault, they need a criminal defense attorney who understands felony and misdemeanor crimes and will work to provide their client with a course of action to achieve the three goals listed above.

Other Arlington Practice Areas

Contact a Criminal Defense Law Firm Today!

The Arlington criminal defense lawyers at Sparks Law Firm have spent years guiding clients through criminal charges and court hearings, allowing them to handle a wide range of criminal defense situations as well as family law cases. Its criminal defense attorneys are smart and resourceful, passionate about what they do, and ready to handle anything that comes their way.

Clients should not put off hiring legal representation. The sooner they can contact a criminal defense lawyer, the sooner attorneys can start protecting the client's rights and obtaining a settlement. If someone needs a criminal defense lawyer in Arlington, TX, they should contact the Sparks Law Firm.


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