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The Arlington, TX Juvenile Crimes Lawyer That Is Here to Help

The juvenile justice system can be a big wake-up call for many young people getting involved on the wrong side of the law. However, they should have the right criminal defense attorney to help them with their cases because juvenile court may want to make an example out of this young person. This means they may receive a harsher sentence than they need. The right criminal defense attorney will ensure this doesn't happen, which is why people call Sparks Law Firm.

People will always receive the best advice and expertise from the team at Sparks Law Firm. That is because they are acquainted with the juvenile justice system.

What Are Some of the Most Common Charges in Juvenile Court?

What Are Some of the Most Common Charges in Juvenile Court?

The most common charges that are laid against a juvenile are drug charges. This may include possession, selling, or being under the influence. A big factor that the TX juvenile law attorney will look at is the amount of the drugs they have been caught with. This will have a significant effect on how severe the sentence will be.

How Is a Juvenile Crime Resolved?

Since the young person has been accused of a crime under the age of 17, then the crime can be resolved differently compared to when an adult is being trialed. A dedicated juvenile defense lawyer will need to be called right away to help with the process and ensure that the young person is treated fairly by authorities.

First, the case will be given to the court with a Positive Achievement Change Tool assessment. This assessment is to help the court figure out the young person's risk of reoffending and what services are needed to help them. Depending on the results of this assessment, the prosecution may just caution the young person or defer their prosecution.

However, if the charge is severe, formal charges will be laid against the young person. If a formal charge is placed, then the school they are enrolled in might start the process to change their placement and put them into an alternative school or expel the child altogether.

If the young person has formal charges laid against them, then they will need to make a court appearance. It is vital that every young person has a juvenile law attorney with them while they are in court because they can help with the case. Juvenile law matters tend to go better if the person has a team of juvenile law lawyers beside them.

Additionally, there are some cases where the prosecutor will not file any charges, but this may be because they want the young person to enter a deferred program. There will be a court date placed for this decision, which means that having the right TX juvenile law attorney there will make all the difference when it comes to the case.

Do Juvenile Courts Require Bonds?

Unlike adult courts, a juvenile court in Texas does not process bonds. Instead of a bond, every juvenile will need to have a detention hearing. This is where the right juvenile lawyers come in because they will be able to help during the hearing. A detention hearing needs to happen within the first 48 hours of arrest. Also, the young person's legal guardian(s) will be contacted immediately. However, the detention hearing will take place whether the guardian(s) is present or not.

Under criminal law regarding juveniles, the young person must be released from custody unless:

  • The young person and their family have a high chance of fleeing or not attending court hearings.

  • If the family's home life does not provide the young person with an adequate amount of care or protection.

  • The young person is a danger to himself or the public.

  • If the guardian(s) cannot arrange transportation for the young person to appear in court.

  • The young person has received a conviction in the past that was punishable by time in prison.

What Happens at a Juvenile Detention Hearing?

The reason for a detention hearing is to determine whether the family environment and the arrangements will provide the young person with enough supervision if they were to be released. This also means they can go to and from the court for hearings with a Fort Worth juvenile crimes attorney. It is essential that the right TX juvenile law attorney is hired at this point because they will make a case for the young person to be released and allowed to go home. This also gives them more time to build the case.

Here, the criminal defense attorney will be able to gather evidence like police records and prep both the young person and the guardian(s) about appearing in court. However, if the young person is not released, then juvenile law lawyers will need to request another hearing to happen every 10 days to try and get them released. One of the reasons why they might not want to release the young person is because they have a past conviction, or they may have a serious charge against them. However, a TX juvenile law attorney will do their best to help them be released so they have a better chance at preparing for court.

What Happens at Juvenile Court?

After the young person has been released from detention, they will be given a probation officer with whom they will need to speak. The probation officer will determine whether the school and home environments are sufficient. An interview will also take place with the family to see the family history and how the family home operates.

Like an adult case, the young person must follow certain measures. This may mean that they will need to complete routine drug tests and proof of school attendance. Moreover, this responsibility will also be placed upon the guardian(s) because it is their duty to ensure that the young person follows the law. All of this can be explained in greater detail by juvenile law lawyers.

Can a Juvenile Case Be Dismissed?

When a young person has been charged with a crime, having the best team of TX juvenile law lawyers around them is what is needed. They will be able to gather the same evidence that the prosecution uses so that they can see their strengths and weaknesses. The right juvenile lawyer will look through the case and see if there are any holes in the prosecution's case.

If the prosecution will have trouble explicitly proving that the young person has committed the crime, then the juvenile attorney will have a better chance of getting the case dismissed. This is the best option for any case because they will not have a criminal record afterward. However, only the top juvenile law lawyers can get these results.

Try to Avoid a Plea Agreement

If both parties can negotiate the resolution of the criminal charges, the young person will be required to complete a plea. When a plea has been submitted, the young person will need to return to court to receive their sentencing.

When at this hearing, the aggressive counsel on the defendant's side should bring in witnesses to help lessen the young person's sentence. They want to show the court that the young person can be rehabilitated, and this can be done by explaining the young person's family background, witness testimonies, and rehabilitation programs.

By providing the judge with all of this information, they are more likely to think about how the young person will be rehabilitated. The main focus of Arlington juvenile law is for the judge to only start sentencing where they believe the young person will learn from their actions and will be less likely to commit another criminal offense.

Sparks Law Firm

Sparks Law Firm

Law offices all over Arlington, TX, are available for young people and their families, but Sparks Law Firm is one of the best law firms available. The team is experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate about Texas law. They will make sure that every person is represented fairly. Also, they want to ensure that every young person receives the right sentencing for their offense.

Additionally, they will keep the family informed about everything that is happening. The team understands that this is a stressful time for everyone, so keeping everyone on the same page will help with this stress. They understand that proving that the young person can be rehabilitated is the main goal of juvenile law, so the team will make sure that they can prove this to the court.

Lastly, Sparks Law Firm does offer a free consultation to people who want to see if the team can handle their case.

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A juvenile case is stressful for the young person and the family, so people should only hire the best juvenile attorneys in Arlington, TX. The team at Sparks Law Firm is always ready to help those who need it and give out professional advice.

Anyone who has any questions should contact the team and schedule a free consultation. Every young person deserves a second chance at life without ruining their future.


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